131,437 Downloads Last Updated: May 19, 2017 Game Version: 1.10.2   +1


Requires: Tesla Core Lib (latest version)


Quickest way to reach the developer is here: discord 


For a 1.12 version check: Tesla Powered Thingies.


Added these machines:

1. Animal Farm

- can feed animals

- can package animals into small packets that can be transported with item conduits/pipes/hoppers.

- can shear sheep and mooshrooms

- can fill buckets of milk from cows

- can fill bowls of mushroom stew from mooshrooms

- can filter packaging animals by adult/child


2. Animal Releaser

- takes a packaged animal and release it into the world


3. Electric Butcher

- kills all animals in its area of operation.

- can filter killing animals by adult/child


4. Crop Farm (as of 0.0.3)

- moisturizes farmland if given water

- plants seeds

- uses a supplied hoe to turn grass/dirt into farmland

- harvests crops

- supports planting/harvesting reeds, cactus, melons and pumpkins as of [1.11 - 0.0.7]


5. Crop Cloner (as of 0.0.4)

- farms crops within itself

(only works with vanilla plantable seeds) 


6. Animal Gym (as of 0.2.0)

- exploits packaged animals and generates Tesla Power (~8400 T / heart) 


7. Tree Farm (as of 0.3.0)

- plants / cuts trees

- can use shears to get leaves instead of saplings

- WIP video #1:

 - WIP video #2:


7. Sewage Fluid / Sewer Machine (as of 0.3.0)

- WIP, sewer collects sewage from animals above it in a 7x7 area



All machines have a 7x7 area of operation at the back of the machine.


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