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I welcome everyone. This mod adds a lot of things in space! A lot of planets have already been added, about 11 planets. Missiles from level 4 to 8, will soon be up to 12. It is planned to release about 20+ planets. New mechanisms added: crusher, alloy smelter, extractor, alloy rocket and her parts. You'll see a lot more in the mod itself).
The mod requires the official version of GalacticraftCore 1.7.10 latest version

Features :
Green - Realized planets/moons
Orange - not planned planet
Red - planned content

Star Systems:


  • Star: Kepler186
  • Planets: Kepler186 B, Kepler186 C, Kepler186 D, Kepler186 E, Kepler186 F


  • Star: 24sextantis
  • Planets: 24sextantis B24sextantis C
  • Star: 55cancri

  • Planets: 55cancri B, 55cancri C, 55cancri D, 55cancri E, 55cancri F
  • Star: Kapteyn
  • Planets: Kapteyn B , Kapteyn C
  • Star: Sun
  • Planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth , Mars ,Ceres Jupiter , Saturn, Neptune, Urane , Pluton, Erida, Haumea, MakeMake.
  • Moons: Deimos, Phobos
  • Modpack Permission : Yes, of course.
  • Discord:


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