[IU] Industrial Upgrade

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Industrial Upgrade is a global technology mod that diversifies your survival from simple and easy technologies to large farms and structures.

Mod complicates the game! Extending the hours of survival. Recommended for players who really want to think through schemes and get into different technologies

The mod is divided into stages of development, there are only 5 of them:

  • beginner
  • easy
  • medium
  • industrial
  • difficult

Each stage has its own mechanisms and mechanics. Fashion contains all the necessary items and mechanisms for comfortable development in the world.

If at a certain stage of development you have a lack of resources or energy, this means that you are not ready to move to this stage. Violation of the concept and development tree can lead to a dead end in development or simply a lack of understanding of how to develop further.

If you have questions or wishes, join the mod’s discord server.

This mod has 4 types of energy:

  • EF - main
  • SE(solarium energy) - solar energy
  • QE (quantum energy)
  • EE (experience energy)

The following mechanics are present:

  • Solar energy
  • Oil industry
  • Variety of mechanisms and their pumping
  • System of modules of mechanisms and objects
  • Different types of mechanisms (from regular to spectral)
  • Approximately all mechanisms have their own sounds
  • Wind and water energy
  • Nuclear Power
  • Mini-panel system (assemble your own panel)
  • Steam system (3.2+)
  • Space and colony system (3.4+)
  • Agriculture, beekeeping (3.3+)

Active support from JEI and Crafttweaker. Most mechanisms have job descriptions in the interface Excellent optimization, minimal load. Great support for creating

The mod not only extends its uniqueness to the main mod, but adds integrations to different mods, the list may differ in different MC versions!



  1. Power Utilities Remastered

  2. Quantum Generators

  3. Simple quarries

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1.You are free to redistribute this mod, but you are required to credit the download source as 'CurseForge' or 'Modrinth' if you provide a link or information about the mod.

2. You can freely use, modify and distribute this mod, but to create a complete analogue without the author's nickname, you must obtain written permission from the author of the mod.

3. You can add mod to your modpacks.

4. You can change textures in this mod.

5. You have the permission to modify the source code of the mod with permission from the author.

6. For violations of the permissions to use the mod, I have every right to force you to remove the mod

These permissions work on all versions of the mod.

An analogue is the mod in which parts of this mod are clearly visible, namely: functionality (more than 50% similar to the sources), graphical interface, block texture. If all three points are violated, then it is considered that you have made a complete analogue.- 1. 1.