Industrial Upgrade

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SuperSolarPanels. Remastered

Our mod is about new ways of generating energy. Not that new, but very progressive and often expensive.

Photonic, Singular, Spectral - all this is about SSP. Do you think that a photon cannot be compressed into an ingot? We will prove the opposite!

In addition to Night, Day, etc. Panels. The mod adds improved quantum armor, new ores and many other items.

Based on ASP and other addons for IC2, we have a very voluminous mod, where everyone will find a goal for themselves.

Please, dont mistake out mod with Legacy ver. which Depends on ASP. Remastered is independent and most often incompatible with ASP

Among other things, the mod adds modules for panels that can increase the energy level, generation, internal storage, change the type of panel or output RF energy

Our Discord:

Be careful, the content varies greatly between MC versions!


thx for screenshots, KaToh. More available at Screenshots Section

It is forbidden to upload the mod on different sites (for example, a link to download the mod not from the official site (cursefoge))

current production of panels (1.4.х) module spec's


1.It is forbidden to create your own requests for downloading the mod without having a link to curseforge.

2. It is forbidden to use mods for their own purposes (creating a complete analogue that does not contain the author's nickname) without the author's permission.

3.You can add mod to your modpacks.

4. You can change textures in this mod.

5. You have the permission to modify the source code of the mod with permission from the author.

6. For violations of the permissions to use the mod, I have every right to force you to remove the mod


These permissions work on all versions of the mod.

An analogue is the mod in which parts of this mod are clearly visible, namely: functionality (more than 50% similar to the sources), graphical interface, block texture. If all three points are violated, then it is considered that you have made a complete analogue.


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