3,466 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 27, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Will add some mobs, and makes vanilla monsters more challenging. Warning: this is a hardcore mod.

Hardcore mods are made to kill you!

If you get this mod, you will die!


  • Zombies and Skeletons (will from now on be referred to as Undead) will always break doors.
  • Undead will break trapdoors.
  • Undead will break torches.
  • Undead will summon assistance.
  • Undead will always pick up items.
  • Zombies will go under trees at day.
  • Skeletons will also attack Villagers, as will Spiders.
  • Spiders will attack Witches.
  • Extreme configurability! You can even add gear presets (like an iron zombie).
  • An endless night mode for extreme death.
  • More to come!

Look on the Features page on the GitHub Wiki for a better list of features


Q: Can I use this mod in a Modpack?

A: Yes, if you provide a link to this web page and credit me.

Only the latest version of Minecraft will be supported.

A video showing some features:

The zombies are killed when no villagers are detected by command blocks. It is not a feature of the mod.

Warning: Any downloads of this mod not on CurseForge are not maintained by me. They may have viruses or other bad things. See

Links to this site are still fine. But direct links to the files are not, they need to go to the overview page, please.

Ideas are welcomed, but be warned that they may be rejected. It is up to me to use these ideas or not. You will be added in the credits if your idea is used. Post ideas on this page, or as an issue on GitHub. GitHub is preferred.


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