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Adds ghost-themed mobs to the game, currently including: 

  • Shade (dark-colored, partially transparent mob that dissipates if exposed to a light level above 6 - or, if you are using Ghostly 1.0.3 or higher, at a configurable level, defaulting to dissipating at any light levels above 6)
  • Possessed Zombie (zombie possessed by a spirit, resulting in increased abilities)
  • Possessed Skeleton (skeleton possessed by a spirit, resulting in increased abilities)
  • Possessed Husk (husk possessed by a spirit, resulting in increased abilities and causing it to inflict Hunger 2 rather than 1)
  • Possessed Wither Skeleton (wither skeleton possessed by a spirit, resulting in increased abilities and causing it to inflict Wither 2 rather than 1)
  • Possessed Stray (stray possessed by a spirit, resulting in increased abilities)
  • Infested Enderman (enderman used as a host by a Shade - dangerous!! They are also partially transparent, to a less noticeable extent than a Shade)

For those of you without WAILA, TOP, or similar, Possessed Undead have 30 hearts, deal 2 more base damage than their non-possessed counterparts, and Possessed Wither Skeletons have a configuration option that allows you to remove the Nether Fortress spawn restriction (on by default), causing them to spawn anywhere in the Nether. Another mob that is not enabled by default is the Possessed Sword, which has 10 hearts, deals 7 base damage, cannot pick up loot, and appears as a flying diamond sword. Possessed Undead always pick up loot unless you disable that with /entitydata - so don't let them near any weapons or armor you want to keep! Shades have 50 hearts, take 1/3 of all damage applied (excludes thrown, fire, magic, and explosion damage, to which they are immune) and do not take fall damage, however are rare in the Overworld. (Watch out in the Nether, though!) Shades also fall at 1/3 the normal speed. You should now be unable to possess Possessed Undead if you have Dissolution and are playing with 1.0.5 or higher :) If you are using Ghostly 1.0.3 or later, you can toggle each mob individually, and can toggle multi-colored eyes for Possessed Undead, per mob, and can change the multi-color eyes chance of Possessed Undead (1 in x Possessed Undead spawn with multi-colored eyes, where x is the specified chance), again per mob. 

Infested Endermen have 70 hearts, do 6.5 hearts of damage (ouch!), and, rather than dissipating, are hurt 1 generic damage constantly while in light that a Shade would dissipate in (uses the Shade light dissipation value, of course).


I publish Ghostly mod files only to CurseForge, and other sites' downloads may be outdated or worse, perhaps even containing malware. Please try to avoid them.


You can use this mod in modpacks, so long as you give credit and provide a link to this page.


An exception to the above picking-up loot rule for Possessed Undead: Possessed Boxer Undead never pick up loot, because normal Boxer Undead also never pick up loot. Of course, that's the default values - just like for normal Possessed Undead, you can change the CanPickUpLoot NBT tag value with /entitydata. Boxer Undead and, by extension, Possessed Boxer Undead also have another NBT tag - GlovesType. Set it to 0 to make the entity have red gloves; 1 for blue gloves; and anything higher for no gloves. Gloves are cosmetic only and don't alter the mob's attributes. As you've probably guessed by now, Possessed Undead and Possessed Boxer Undead also have an EyeType NBT tag, which is changeable via /entitydata and changes their eye color. List of values and resulting colors: 

0: Two white eyes

1: Two blue eyes

2: Two green eyes

3: Two red eyes

Values higher than 3 work only if multi-colored eyes for the mob is on - if it isn't the mob will automatically choose a new, non-multi-colored eye type.

4: Blue right eye, red left eye

5: Blue left eye, red right eye

6: Blue right eye, white left eye

7: Blue left eye, white right eye

8: Green right eye, blue left eye

9: Green left eye, blue right eye

10: Green right eye, red left eye

11: Green left eye, red right eye

12: Green right eye, white left eye

13: Green left eye, white right eye

Note: Possessed Wither Skeletons and Possessed Skeletons will not spawn in Nether Fortresses unless you have Ghostly 1.0.6 or newer. This is due to my programming the code incorrectly in versions before 1.0.6.


Important note: If you wish to use The Boxing Dead alongside this mod when using 1.0.8 or newer, you must install The Boxing Dead 1.0.1 or newer.



Important note: Ghostly 1.0.11 and below, down to Ghostly 1.0.8 (when the bug was added), have a bug that causes a crash when Shades attempt to possess a compatible undead mob. If you get a crash related to Shades, update to Ghostly 1.0.12.



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