Material Master

37,004 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 30, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

You want to turn your diamond sword into a crazy overpowered weapon to one-shot even most powerful creatures such as the ender dragon? Or you simply don't want golden tools to be useless anymore...

Well, in either case this mod exactly for you. It allows changing everything about not just any tool or weapon, but about any item in general.


Modifiable properties have been split into two categories based on their technical implementation.


Vanilla Minecraft has an attribute system built in which is used by a few items to achieve setting various properties such as attack damage and armor protection. Besides the ability to change already present attributes, this mod also makes many attributes available which aren't used on any item by default.

Attributes can be defined for any item, no matter what kind of item it is or what mod it comes from. Attributes will only apply when an item is held in the main hand with the exception of armor pieces which will apply their attributes when worn in the appropriate slot.

  • Max Health: Amount of health when fully healed
  • Knockback Resistance: Chance to not receive any knockback from an attack
  • Movement Speed: Movement speed when walking on land
  • Attack Damage: Amount of melee damage dealt when fighting
  • Attack Knockback: How much knockback is dealt when hitting an entity
  • Attack Speed: Speed at which the attack cooldown recharges
  • Amor: Amount of armor protection
  • Armor Toughness: Amount of armor toughness
  • Luck: Luck property when using loot tables
  • Swim Speed: Movement speed when swimming in of water
  • Gravity: Vertical motion multiplier, mainly used when falling
  • Reach Distance: Distance for interacting with blocks in the world
  • Attack Reach: Number of blocks for interacting with entities (from Combat Test Snapshots)

Default values set for the player can also be changed within the config file. Note that each attribute has a hardcoded range associated with it.

Why is the value shown on an items tooltip different from the one you defined in the config? The base value is automatically added to it, that's a vanilla thing.


General item properties can also be modified.

  • stack size
  • durability
  • dig speed
  • harvest level
  • enchantability

It's important to note that changing those properties is only possible in compliance with their usual restrictions, meaning e. g. stack size can't be increased for items with durability. It's also only possible to modify existing properties, meaning e. g. the enchantability property can only be changed for items that can actually be enchanted.


While providing quick and easy ways for setting new properties right in the config file this mod is designed in such a way which allows other mods to hook right in and register various changes for themselves without having to make any further modifications to the base game on their own.

This functionality is currently used by Sword Blocking Combat.


Other cool mods that go rather well with this one: AttributeFix by Darkhax and Armor Toughness Bar by tfarecnim

For this mod to fully function it needs to be installed on both the client and server. It's rather important for the config to be the same on both the client and server for an optimal experience.


While mainly stemming from the need to easily manipulate various item stats this mod is also loosely based on the outdated Material Changer mod by Lellson8. Go check it out in case you're playing on a version of Minecraft prior to 1.14.

Implementing the annotation based discovery system was helped by the Quark mod made by Vazkii.


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