Marbled's Arsenal [MA]

Marbled's Arsenal is a mod that adds militaristic armors, tools and melee weapons for Forge 1.16.5+ while aiming to be vanilla friendly. This mod requires Geckolib 1.16.5+ and Marbled's API 1.19.2+.


  • CM-6M Gas Mask (+ helmet variations)
  • CM-7M Gas Mask (+ helmet variations)
  • CM-8M Gas Mask (+ helmet variations)
  • Combat Helmet (+ variations)
  • Military Berets (Red, Black, U.N.)
  • Tactical Carriers (Olive, Black. Each colour set has 3 variations/tiers which each tier increasing protection)
  • Hazmat Armor
  • Riot Armor
  • S.W.A.T. Armor
  • Military Armors (Desert camo, and Winter camo variations)
  • Juggernaut Armors (Olive, Black variations)
  • Ghillie Armors (All leaf types)
  • Melee Weapons (Crowbar, Police Baton, Fire Axe, Machete, ect. All with Better Combat compat)


  • OptiFine is incompatible
  • Requires Geckolib 1.16+, Marbled's API 1.19-1.20, Marbled's Core 1.21x



  • Huge thanks to my Volunteer Translators!
  • Warrex
  • A_Wmbrcs
  • AXLAN114514
  • Brick3
  • Germanchu
  • Nummy
  • OWL
  • Tea Lord
  • Huge thanks to my Testing Program!
  • delayisu
  • Delta
  • Manvik
  • w1nter


  • You may use this in your modpacks, no credit required but it would be apprecated.
  • You may use this in your video, no credit required but it would be appreciated.
  • You may NOT re-distribute this mod or its assets ANYWHERE.