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Mapper Base


• Minimal Minecraft version: 1.16.5

• Minimal Forge version: 36.1.0




New steel crafting recipes

Steel is now crafted through multiple steps to balance its cost with other mods such as Mekanism or Immersive Engineering.

The steps are:

• blasting an iron ingot into ferrite (this requires one coal per ferrite)

• crafting raw steel with 3 ferrite dusts

• blasting raw steel into a steel ingot (his requires ½ coal per ingot)

This process does require a cheaper setup (basically just a vanilla blast furnace) however each steel ingot costs 3 iron ingots and almost 4 coal which is more expensive than the process from other mods, not counting crafting time which is a bit long. This gives players a choice between a simpler setup but less efficient and a complex setup but way more efficient in terms of ressource consuming.

Note: this is still subject to changes depending on feedbacks.


Steel material changes

Steel is now closer to iron in terms of gear efficiency. Durability is still higher than iron but lower than diamond.


Bitumen generation changes

Bitumen now comes in smaller pockets, around sea level. Biomes that are hilly or mountainous do not have bitumen pockets anymore. This should reduce bitumen quantity in the world.

To find bitumen the best way is now looking around rivers or coasts however you can still find pockets in caves near the surface.


Other changes

• Crafts requiring bitumen now use tags for mod compatibility

• Steel fence now requires bolts so Immersive Engineering steel fences can be crafted on their side as the multiblocks can't accept fences from other mods

• Bitumen ore now drops experience when mined

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