Manhunt: Fabric

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This mod will be removed if Dream requests so.

Manhunt: Fabric

Dream's Minecraft Manhunt plugin, but it's a Fabric mod, and it's free.

Requires FLKRequires Fabric APICompatible with GeyserMC 

"A mod which implements a lot of the mechanics found in Dream's ( Minecraft Manhunt plugin."


I recommend very much reading the wiki of this mod for a nicer view than CurseForge.


Extra Features

It's all managed using Minecraft commands. This mod adds two new commands: /speedrunner and /hunters.

This mod is configurable! The comments in the config file should explain everything, but if you have any questions feel free to DM me on Discord (YTG123#8952).


How it works

If you're not familiar with Dream's Minecraft Manhunt series on Youtube, you should check that out.

  • You can set the speedrunner by using /speedrunner set <target>. That sets that specific Player to be the speedrunner.
  • You can view who the speedrunner is by using /speedrunner get.
  • You can unset the speedrunner by using /speedrunner clear.


  • You can add hunters by using /hunters add <target>.
  • You can clear the hunter list by using /hunters clear.
  • You can get the hunter list by using /hunters get.


Differences from the plugin

  • This mod uses the lodestone compass mechanic introduced in Minecraft 1.16.
  • This mod is configurable! Yes! You can view the comments in the config itself to understand it.


This mod also adds a Cloth Config screen you can open using Mod Menu (client-side only, of course).


How to install


  • Create a FabricMC server using the instructions on the FabricMC website.
  • Drop this mod in the "mods" folder, alongside Fabric API.
  • Start the server once, and low and behold, a config file generated!
  • Edit the config file to whatever you want.
  • Restart the server.



  • Install FabricMC using the instructions on the FabricMC website.
  • Drop this mod in the "mods" folder, along with ModMenu and Fabric API.
  • Open the Mod Menu, search for this mod, click on it and click the config button.
  • Voila! A config screen has appeared!
  • Configure the mod however you like (The tooltips in there should explain everything).
  • Create a new world.
  • Open it to LAN (I think you need to enable cheats).
  • Use the commands described above to start!


Report any and all issues at GitHub



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