A mod which adds different things related to Curses.

Mainly adds 3 new curse enchantments:

  • Curse of Karma (Hurts owner by chance)
  • Curse of Kindness (Heals victim instead of hurting)
  • Curse of Randomness (Shuffles enchantments except curses of the item)

Adds new "lightning rod" aka Maledictus Aufero:

  • If a lightning hits this "lightning rod", it will delete curses from items. But be aware: If you have more than one item lying around, chances are high that the curse just moves to another item

Negative energy:

  • Will be collected for each item
  • Hidden value
  • Increases while in the and item in (off-)hand
  • Increases when hurting undead mobs
  • Will be halfed when near Maledictus Aufero during lightning strike