Make Zoom Zoom

4,945 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 21, 2018

Have you ever noticed how recent versions of modded Minecraft take FOREVER to load? This mod is for you. Abusing the fact that many computers have multiple CPU threads available, Make Zoom Zoom uses various means to split the loading process across multiple threads, and... stuff.


The purpose of this project is to make Minecraft faster. At this point in time, the primary target is load time, by targeting the construction portion of CPU-intensive portions of mods, such as how mods collect recipes for JEI to display, and using multithreaded, work-delaying, and work-reducing techniques to reduce their impact on how long your modded Minecraft instance takes to load.



If you encounter a bug with MakeZoomZoom installed, I would recommend attempting to reproduce the issue without MakeZoomZoom present. If it only occurs with MakeZoomZoom present, please report it as an issue to MakeZoomZoom.


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