Make Clay Valuable Again

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Some mods make clay too easy to get. Sad!


MakeClayValuableAgain is a mod that seeks to "improve" the progression of Minecraft by "improving" access to clay. It extends the early-game progression quite a bit. It makes the following changes:

  • Clay blocks will not drop anything unless they are broken with a Clay Shovel or Clay Pickaxe.
  • Stone tools are no longer obtainable via crafting.
  • Clay is dropped by Wither Skeletons, which spawn when Skeletons are killed. There is a 10% chance of the Wither Skeleton dropping a single clay ball.
  • Killing a Skeleton results in your weapon instantly breaking.
  • Killing a Wither or Ender Dragon always drops 1 clay ball.

With this mod installed, the general progression is as follows:

  1. Obtain wooden tools (lots of swords!).
  2. Kill skeletons and wither skeletons until you get enough clay balls for clay tools.
  3. You now have access to clay tools! You are ready to obtain stone!
  4. Play as normal.


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