Majrusz's Progressive Difficulty

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This forge modification progressively increases the game difficulty over time. It is inspired by the similar
mechanics in Terraria, but the difficulty also scales with Regional Difficulty to 
keep Minecraft style.
A detailed description of this mod can be found 
on the Wiki. All ideas are welcome.
Since version 0.4.0 this mod requires a Majrusz Library to work!
Progress in the game is divided into stages, with each stage providing new difficulty tweaks and
improving existing ones. At the moment there are three stages:

Normal Mode, which starts at the beginning of the game.
Expert Mode, which starts when the first player enters the Nether.
(or enters any dimension from other mods)

Master Mode, which starts when you defeat the Ender Dragon.


Groups of enemies
Enemies appear in groups with one leader and
followers who attack the same target as the leader.
Followers are more likely to have weapons and leaders to have armors.

Undead Army (new Raid)
The new raid starts after killing a certain amount of
undead enemies. It has up to 5 waves, rewards the player with a treasure
bag after finishing it,
scales difficulty over time and scales difficulty with each player participating in!

Treasure Bags
New Terraria-inspired bags that contain some extra loot and have a chance for one unique item. Each player receives
their own Treasure Bag when they help to defeat a raid/boss. Currently, you can acquire them from:
Fishing, Undead Army, RaidElder Guardian, Warden, Wither and Ender Dragon.
Each animal and human being can now bleed. This is an effect that deals damage similar to poison and can be
removed using only a new item: Bandage. The chance of bleeding is lower the more pieces of armor you
have and it is caused by many different sources such as receiving sword 
damage, being bitten
by a spider, or by touching a cactus... It is important to keep bandages 
with you at all times
because bleeding becomes more deadly as the game progresses!

Enderium Ingots
New late-game ore: Enderium. With this ore, you can make Enderium Ingots
which are used to upgrade Netherite armor and tools! This ore generates
in End Stone and can be 
found in End structures as well.

Item Sets
Some items give unique bonuses for completing the whole set.

And much more!
- Julia for sounds
- chechnyacool488 for the Russian translation and idea for Undead Army
- Boscawinks for flying phantom structure
muraokun for some of the sprites
- qsefthuopq1mtwtfss1 for the Chinese translation
- kiryonn for the French translation
- Wallaby#8683 for the Spanish translation
- baooduy for the Vietnamese translation
- everyone who downloaded this mod or suggested an idea <3


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