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Features can be turned off through the configuration file.


Bonemeal Spreads Grass

Player using bonemeal on dirt to spread grass

Like with Nylium, you can use bonemeal on dirt that is neighboring grass to spread that grass quicker.

Built in support for Quark, Botania, Tinker's Construct, and Biomes You'll Go.
Extra support can be added through the configuration file. PRs are also welcome.


Bonemeal grows cactus, sugar cane & spreads lily pads

Player using bonemeal on cactus to grow cactus

Player using bonemeal on sugar cane to grow sugar cane

Player using bonemeal on lily pad to grow lily pad


Named Lodestone Compass

A lodestone named using a sign

You can name your lodestones by placing a sign on them

Binding your compass to the lodestone will automatically name it using the text from the sign, instead of "Lodestone Compass".

Bonus: Right-clicking the sign instead of the Lodestone will also work.


Crafting Tables

Crafting tables in all variants of vanilla wood

Enjoy our large selection of crafting tables, now available in all vanilla colors.

Tip: custom crafting tables can be crafted into regular crafting tables. Mainly as a workaround for recipes that demand a vanilla table.


Slime on piston

Placing slime on a piston

You can place slime on a piston by right-clicking slime on a piston face.

Removing slime from a piston

You can also use an axe to scrape that slime off. (You don't get the slimeball back).


Grass Item respects biome color

A grass block item in a swamp biome

A grass block item in a dark forest biome


Mossy stones follow biome colors

Mossy cobblestone in a spruce taiga

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This behavior is also available for Mossy stone bricks.

If you make a ressource pack that improves the moss overlay, send it our way!


Randomized plant height

Cacti with random height

Sugar Canes with random height

Vines stop growing

No more plant uniformity after staying in an area for too long. Cacti, sugar canes, and vine will stop growing at different heights to give them a more natural feeling.

Very noticeable on vines. Unlike in vanilla, they will not grow forever.

Unlike newer vanilla plants, growth height is based on the plant's coordinates. This means the same coordinates will always result in the same plant height, but it removes the need for an extra block state for these blocks.


Renewable Elder Guardians

Lightning strikes a guardian

Lightning Strikes turn Guardians into Elder Guardians, making sponges renewable.


Banner pattern limit

Vanilla Minecraft limits banner to 6 pattern layers. This mod bumps that limit to 16 (the same as command blocks), but any value between 1 and 16 can be used.


Changes to beds

A user trying to sleep in a bed that is too far away

This mod changes the message "You may not rest now, the bed is too far away" to "This bed is too far away" because the first part of the message prevents you from understanding what is happening at a glance.

There is also an option, off by default, to remove the restriction altogether. Allowing the player to sleep in the bed as long as the bed is reachable.


Bound Lodestone

A villager upgrading your lodestone

The Bound Lodestone acts like a Lodestone, but is attuned to another lodestone in the world.

Use a Lodestone Compass on an unbound Lodestone to attune it to the same coordinates.

Once a Bound Lodestone has been attuned, use a regular Compass on the Bound Lodestone to attune it to Lodestone that the Bound Lodestone is attuned to.

TL;DR it's a lodestone proxy

You can get it from your local Cartographer

A villager upgrading your lodestone


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