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Lucky TNT Lib




Lucky TNT Lib does not offer any content on its own! It is a mod designed to be used as a library for mods that implement TNT and other explosives. It simplifies the workflow of creating a TNT significantly and offers easy-to-use and quick methods to design your TNT and edit your world, easening the repetitive tasks of creating explosives. Lucky TNT Lib is also updated fairly frequently and includes documentation to make for an even easier start in development.


❓What does Lucky TNT Lib offer?

We offer a wide range of useful functions. We easen up the repetitive workflow of creating explosives by simplifying it a lot, taking away almost all the registering work and collapsing it into simple booleans. We also allow for easy customisation of TNT post registering, fast and easy editing of your world with various functions and much more.


❓Can I see the source code?

Yeah, sure! We have uploaded both our projects, Lucky TNT Lib and Lucky TNT Mod, to GitHub. If you want to take a look at the source code, just click on one of the links.

Lucky TNT Lib: here

Lucky TNT Mod: here 


❓Can I implement the mod into my project?

Yes! To do that you can use the following link: here. Implement the mod and you are ready to use Lucky TNT Lib as a dependency for your mod. This will have the added benefit of the source code being present already. If you don't know how to get started with Lucky TNT Lib or don't know how to implement it, follow the tutorial on our Lucky TNT Lib Github page here!


💥You got questions or ideas?

Join the SlimingHD & Fleshcrafter Discord Server here and meet us, the developers of this mod and many other nice people! You can chat with us, ask questions, report bugs, give ideas and get a closer look on our upcoming projects!


🧨Main Mod and other Addons:

Main Mod files:

- LuckyTNTMod: Download the Lucky TNT Mod here!

- LuckyTNTLeKoopa: Download the Lucky TNT LeKoopa Addon here!


Honorable Addons:

Unlucky TNT: Download Unlucky TNT here!



1.20.3/1.20.4 - Finished, Updates may still be created
1.20.2 - Finished, Updates may still be created
1.20/1.20.1 - Finished, Updates may still be created
1.19.4 - Finished, Updates may still be created
1.19.3 - Finished, Updates may still be created
1.19.2 - Finished, Updates may still be created