Lost Colony Lib

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This is a library mod for Lost Colony by Goldn & Eleknor.

This mod adds in several small additions for the modpack.
This mod is server and client compatible. Forge required!

This mod requires GoldnLib.

You are allowed to use this mod in your modpack, but please contact @Goldn#0013 on discord to get instructions on how to set the mod up or consult the wiki.


Supported languages:

• en_us
• en_ca
• fr_fr
• fr_ca
• nl_nl
• es_es
• es_us

If you want to translate this mod to other languages, please contact @Goldn#0013 on discord

Currently, this mod has the following items: (number Ids are for Lost Colony Modpack Only)

• WorldEdit Wand (id: lostcolonylib:worldeditwand)
• WorldEdit Nav Wand (id: lostcolonylib:worldeditnavwand)
• Goldn's Disc (id: lostcolonylib:goldndisc)
• Special Bed Block (id: lostcolonylib:specialbedblock)
• Pineapple (id: lostcolonylib:pineapple)
• Goldnapple (id: lostcolonylib:goldnapple)
• Squirrel (id: lostcolonylib:squirrelitem)


Current Commands:

• /gmc - changes the gamemode of the user to creative (Perm 4, Operator)
• /gms - changes the gamemode of the user to survival (Perm 4, Operator)
• /gma - changes the gamemode of the user to adventure (Perm 4, Operator)
• /gmsp - changes the gamemode of the user to spectator (Perm 4, Operator)
• /lostcolonylib - the help command for this mod (Perm 1, Guest)


How to Config the WorldEdit Wands:

• get the number ids for the wands (F3+H in-game)
• open worldedit config file (\config\worldedit\worldedit.properties)
• plug the ids in for "wand-item" & "nav-wand-item"
• enjoy


How to Config the Special Bed Block:

• open the lost cities config file (\config\lostcities\general.cfg)
• replace minecraft:diamond_block with lostcolonylib:specialbedblock for "S:specialBedBlock="
• enjoy



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