What is CreatorCraft?

CreatorCraft is a simple modpack that contains mods used by content creators. This modpack is designed to be client-based so it can be used on Vanilla servers and not change the game too much. Disable mods that don't fit your needs within the CurseForge or manually by adding ".disabled" behind the mods' jar file within the "/mods" folder. 


What mods are in CreatorCraft?


Primary Mods:
  • Capes [Fabric/Forge] - Makes Optifine (and other Mods') Capes
  • Controlling - Makes it easier to find Keybinds
  • Iris Shaders - Shaders
  • Jade 🔍 - Info on things you look at (a fork HWYLA with compatible add-ons)
  • JourneyMap - Minimap
  • LambDynamicLights - Torchs light up like in Optifine
  • Roughly Enough Items Fabric/Forge (REI) - similar to JEI
  • Roughly Enough Resources - an REI addon
  • Replay Mod - records within the game and allows one to reply to events in post-production
  • Sodium - Improves FPS and whatever (similar to Optifine)
  • Zoomify - Zoomy stuff (similar to Optifine)
  • Architectury API (Fabric/Forge) - Required for Roughly Enough Items
  • Cloth Config API (Fabric/Forge) - Required for Roughly Enough Items
  • Fabric API - Required for most Fabric mods
  • Fabric Language Kotlin - Required for Capes
  • YetAnotherConfigLib - Required for Zoomify


Where is Optifine?

Optifine cannot be in any modpacks since it can't be redistributed without written permission. If you want Optifine in the modpack, you can manually download it from Optifine.net/downloads, make sure it is for the MC version of the modpack. Since this modpack uses Fabric, Optifine might not work correctly. This modpack does contain Optifine-like mods to make up for the lack of Optifine. 


Redistribution of Replay Mod (Disclaimer)

Replay Mod is licensed with GNU General Public License v3.0, which does allow us to redistribute the mod within the modpack. The file we use is directly downloaded from ReplayMod.com and we are required to disclose the mods' Github source. If you enjoy the mod, we suggest you support the creators on Patreon.


How do I disable Mods that I don't need or add Mods I want?

Within the CurseForge App

There is a dropdown menu from a 3 vertical dot symbol near the Play button of the modpack's profile. In that menu, there should be a "Profile Options" option, clicking it opens a popout. You need to click the box to check "Allow content management for this profile" to enable the ability to edit the modpack. 


Now that you can enable/disabled/add mods, you can go back to the overview of the modpack, where you can switch tabs to the "Mods" tab. From there you can click switches next to the mod's name to enable/disable them. If you want to add mods, you can also do that there by clicking the puzzle piece at the top of the "Mods" tab


Doing it Manually (Outside of CurseForge App)

You need to head to where ever you have the modpack installed, it defaults to "C:\Users\[user]\curseforge\Instances". If you moved where modpacks install you can use the CurseForge app to find the folder.

After navigating to the folder where modpacks are saved, you need to find the CreatorCraft modpack's folder (it should be named "creatorcraft" or "creatorcraft (#)" if you have more than one instance of the modpack. 


Once in the modpack's folder, you can open the "mods" folder where you can add mods or disable them. To disable them manually, just add ".disabled" after the ".jar" extension. This will make the Mod Loader ignore those mods. If you want to add mods, you can just slide the mod into the folder. Please note by adding more mods, we can not guarantee support for the modpack. 


Have another Common Client-Sided Mod used by Content Creators?

You can either leave a comment on this modpack page or contact Goldn on Discord. Please remember they have to be client-side mods so they work with vanilla servers.