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Dont forget to comment, that will help me to add things to the mod ;)

All the models are from me !

 First ! Dont take this mod if you screach a mod with dimensions and WTF items in it, its more like a vanilla-like mod !

The Los mod add a plenty of new stuff that sounds "vanilla-like" (these additions wouldnt change minecraft spirit at all, it will just add some improvements)

  • First, there is the traps,


the iron one, dealing 1,5 damages/tick (3 half-hearts)   [extreme left]

the golden one, dealing 2,5 damages/tick (5 half-hearts)   [left, next to the iron one]

the diamond one, dealing 3,5 damages/tick (7 half-hearts)   [middle left]

the emerald one, dealing 5 damages/tick (10 half-hearts)   [middle right]

the ultime one, dealing 20 damages/tick [creative only] (40 half-hearts)   [right]

the bear trap, dealing 0,75 damages to players (1,5 half-hearts) and 5 damages to bears (10 half-hearts), the damages are just on the first contact, not per tick, after the bear trap close it will stun the player (or the bear) and the player will have to jump out of it for being able to move (the bear will be stun to death, or to the trap destruction).                 [extreme right]

Once used, a trap can be rearmed by 2 ways, or you break it and replace it, or you use (right click) the rearm tool (in the "tool" creative tab").

You can UPGRADE the traps by right clicking one with an upgrade

iron ➜  gold

gold ➜  diamond

diamond ➜  emerald

emerald ➜  ultime

  • Next we can talk about the stockage (named as "stocker"),

the stockers (happy na ?)

The Stockers are an alternative to chests, or barrels, they exist in all vanilla woods,

oak, on the top left,

jungle, on the left,

birch, on the middle left,

spruce, on the middle right,

acacia, on the right,

dark oak, on the low right

all with their custom gui, I invite you to download the mod for see them ;)

( and don't forget the Bop-Support mod ;) )

( and don’t forget the Advanced Vanilla-Support mod ;) )

  • Now, stay talking about stockage, lets talk about the crates,

They are the same as the stockers, they just have 9 slots, and they have a custom gui too.

  •  Our Next topic will be the Fluid tank (named as "barrel"),

The Barrels are the Fluid stockage system of the Los Mod, they exist in 2 versions the wooden one and the obsidian one,

as you can see on the screenshot, the wooden one can only handle water, it have 3 states of stockage.

the obsidian one can only handle lava, it have 3 states of stockage.

  •  And now the "BigBarrel" that  have the capacity of stockage of 14 water bucket,

the big barrel !

  •  now i'm going to express about the cake stacker,

Cake stacker (no cake)

 You can fill the cake stacker just by right-clicking it with a cake, It can have 2 cake maximum in it,

Cake Stacker (full)

this is an image of the cake stacker with 2 cake, now you can eat pieces of cake just by right-clicking with an empty hand, it will restore you 1 "food-point"/pieces (like the originall cake).

  • Now let's move on to a fluid discussion about the ender fuild,

Air Fluid, what a fluid !

I dont know if I have to say something... the ender fluid is just a fluid that flow upwards, It can be useful, you know when... when... oh yes, when you have to climb a mountain,


yes, I assure you that it work

  •  Now we can move up to the /up command,


After all, the /up command of World Edit is not so useless, so I add it in the game, (without the /up 10 or /up 7, just /up to set a glass block under you).


  •  Now we can talk about platforms !!

Platforms are an esthetic way of making bridge, they are not scaffholding, they just are falling blocks, so I add 2 other blocks. First I add the Platform Pillar, wich is a falling block too but is cooler to see than a tower of dirt, and the second is the Horizontal Platform pillar (holder) wich is just a normal block, this one is not falling.

above, a bridge made of platforms, supported by some horizontal Pillars, and one tower of Platforms Pillars...And a Pig...

But, you could say that platforms are a bit useless, but no, by the addition of support for rails !


  •  Now take a look at the emerald stuff :

You can now have a new style with the emerald armor and sword (next come soon)

Bling Bling

Yes you can now have Emerald Stuff !!

  • Now lets talk about redstone mechanics, lets talk about the Phasing Block !

The Phasing Block is a block that will maybe seems useless to you, but in fact, when it get powered by redstone, it become a much more interestong block !

It become a transparent block which you can walk trought, with that mechanic, you can easly create complex doors !

BUT, you could actually think, "hey, this is so limited,, we need to power 1 per 1 the blocks"

  • So, I invented the Advanced Phasing block !

Which have a 3 block radius, when one is powered, the other (connected to him) will be activated !

  • Saying things about redstone, here's the Redstone Soaked Gravel :

This is made for other redstone creator who want more than the phasing block, this block, when powered, become... a falling block, can be really useful to trap you friends... If you have friends... !

  • Now lets talk about the additions made to cakes :

The Speed cake (2nd rows of cakes) is in fact just a cake, it feed you as a cake, but when eaten, it have a speed effect (lvl 2,1min), same for the Speed Cake Slice !

Talking about the cake slices, they are the last addition of the 0.2.1, they feed as a cake, but you can have them in your inventory (60 per slots) they can be obtain by puting a cake in a crafting table (to have 6 slices) or by using the cake cutter(Cake cutter, and slices from both cakes are floating in the air on the image !)

On the left you can see the hunger block, a creative only block, you can right-click it to lose food points, and shift + right-click it to gain points in your hunger bar.


  • Now lets talk about the god precious gift : the flying halo !

When this golden halo is putted on your head, it make you able to fly like in creative mod and make you take no fall damages

  • Now lets I'll present you the hard rock slippers : the obsidian boots !

This creation will prevent you from have death like "feel out a cliff", when you actually fell out a cliff... and loses all your precious diamons D: !

  • Now, we can jump into the new Crushing machine : the Crusher !

See it in action at "https://imgur.com/pTpSJTX" !

The Crusher is a machine added to the game to make all your coal useful, by crushing them into diamonds !

1 stack of coal give you 1 diamond !

  • And, last but not least, the Stockage Barrel :


This is one of my favorite blocks, this block is a stockage block that can't be opened if there's a block upon it, and can be closed with a cork by Shift-right-clicking, to be opened again, just need to destroy the cork (by the way, you can open it in any case if you're in creative !)


Thanks to Mcreator (the mod maker that I use !!) https://mcreator.net/about

Just notice that the Biome O' Plenty Stockers are out : https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/los-biome-o-plenty-support/files

Just notice that the Advanced Vanilla Stockers are out : 


Download list:


700 downloads :  ✔️  06-07-19

800 downloads :  ✔️  13-07-19

900 downloads :  ✔️  17-07-19

1000 downloads : ✔️ 23-07-19

1100 downloads : ✔️ 26-07-19

1200 downloads : ✔️ 30-07-19

1300 downloads : ✔️ 02-08-19

1400 downloads : ✔️ 08-08-19

1500 downloads : ✔️ 16-08-19

1600 downloads : ✔️ 23-08-19

1700 downloads : ✔️ 31-08-19

1800 downloads : ✔️ 08-09-19

1900 downloads : ✔️ 11-09-19

2000 downloads : ✔️ 14-09-19

2100 downloads : ✔️ 17-09-19

2200 downloads : ❌ that would be just amazing !

Thanks guys !



And now, borring, simple but usefull things,

You can use this mod as you want in your mod-packs. (that could be cool to notice me :D)

You can't repost or tell it as your own.

You can use it on youtube or on any video platform, just dont tell you created it !

You can make mods that have LOS in their dependency, or as dependants !


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