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As a heads up, The mod is dead. I don't mod Minecraft anymore. Keeping it here in case anyone really cares, but don't use it.


Carbonization requires MalCore to work.

Carbonization is a fuel-centric technology mod that has a focus on larger scale industry.  The mod has a more decentralized and open tech tree, favoring machines that are upgraded instead of replaced.

To get started consider these options:

  • Make a MalCore guidebook using a book and a piece of coal to read more about the mod.
  • Improve your stone furnaces into iron furnaces using some iron, the improve those iron furnaces into insulated iron furnaces to save on fuel.
  • Increase your ore yield by making a multiblock furnace using structure blocks and a Industrial Furnace Instantiator.
  • Scan for ores with a Portable Scanner.




You can use this in modpacks provided that I am credited and either this page or a link to my Minecraft Forum is included in the modpack information.