Load My Resources [Fabric]

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- Fabric API

Forge Version

The Forge version of "Load My Resources" can be downloaded here!


"Load My Resources" is a client-side mod to automatically load resources like images and sounds on game start.
It's like using a resource pack, but it is enabled by default and can't be disabled by the user.
On top of that, it's hidden from the resource pack menu, so you don't need to worry about a useless pack entry!

How to Load Resources

Loading resources is not very difficult, but if you absolutely don't know how resource packs work, please watch a YouTube tutorial first or this will be a bit hard for you.

1. To generate all important directories and files, start the game one time with the mod installed and close it again.
2. Open the newly generated folder named 'resources' in your '.minecraft' directory. This is the directory the mod will load your resources from.
3. Copy all resources you want to load to the 'resources' folder. If you want to load resources from a resource pack, copy everything from inside the pack's 'assets' folder to this directory.
4. Start the game and you will now be able to use the loaded resources in mods and resources from a resource pack will be visible in game.

Nice To Know:
The 'resources' folder is like the 'assets' folder in a resource pack. So namespaces work exactly the same as for a normal resource pack.
For example: If you put a texture in 'resources/mytextures', the namespace of textures inside the 'mytextures' folder will be "mytextures".

Bug Reports and Requests

You can report bugs and request features either on GitHub or via Discord!


"Load My Resources" can be freely used in modpacks.

Special Thanks

To my patrons:
- Kreezxil
- q!!!
- Jolihan


"Load My Resources" Copyright © 2021 Keksuccino.
"Load My Resources" is licensed under KML (Keksuccino Mod License).
See "Custom License" in the "About Project" section for more informations about the license.

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