Linking Books

26,058 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 4, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5   +1

Myst has come to Minecraft 1.16 with Linking Books! Use linking books and linking portals to teleport between places. Add special effects to linking books that affect teleportation. Plus miscellaneous blocks inspired by the Myst universe. This is not meant to be a replacement for Mystcraft 2. Dynamic dimension creation is outside the scope of this mod.


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Issues and suggestions should be posted to the Forge issue tracker and Fabric issue tracker.


Forge Version

The Forge version requires at least Forge 35.1.13 and has an optional dependency on Immersive Portals (for Forge) v0.14-1.16.

Fabric Version

The Fabric version requires at least Fabric 0.11.3 and these dependencies, which are not included and must be downloaded separately:

  • Fabric API 0.34.6+1.16
  • Cardinal Components API 2.8.3
  • Mod Menu 1.16.8
  • Cloth Config API 4.11.26
  • Immersive Portals 0.99-1.16 (optional)


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