Lil Tater Reloaded

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Lil Tater Reloaded is a mod that aims to do one, simple task: add Lil Tater into Minecraft.

But that's not all. If you've already seen a similar mod, you might've wondered: "Is this it?"

What if I told you that you could have... more? What if you could add your own tater? Anytime, anywhere? Have it be animated, and do all sorts of harmless, yet fun stuff?

The time for waiting has passed. No more kiddie games. No more hoping for a fruit that won't grow. Now, we are getting as serious as a tater could be.


  • A single block (and item): Lil Tater;
  • Various mechanics revolving around renaming your taters through the use of anvils and\or item tags;
  • A system which allows the player to add their own tater into the game through resource packs;
  • Vanilla blockmodel support, in case you're not feeling comfortable with using the "simple" implementation;
  • An "accessory" feature for displaying various player-provided models alongside existing taters;
  • A sizable collection of pre-made taters, which will grow in size over time;
  • A secret mechanic Several secret mechanics which will only be revealed to the keenest and smartest;
  • Builtin Mod compatibility with some of the most popular and recommended mods;
  • Tater-based mental gymnastics for Piglins (1.16+);
  • Data-driven Villager/Testificate trade offers - made purely for this mod, but available to everyone (1.16+);
  • And last, but not the least, a very simplistic config; 


Q: Why?


Q: Why choose the name Lil Tater Reloaded?
A: Because this mod has nothing in association with the aforementioned 
similar mod, and it doubles as an on-the-nose reference to MineFactory Reloaded, which is a very great mod and you should definitely check it out in case you decide to do a bit of time-traveling.


Q: Where would I go in order to furnish myself with more informations?
A: A "demo reel" of sorts is available over at The Github Wiki contains guides for adding your own content through this mod.


Q: What do I need in order to use this mod?


Q: I'm not entirely sure about this. This seems off-putting.
Suit yourself.


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