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This is a small mod that I've had for a while but never really used for much.  It has a few neat features meant for adventure maps, and a few other features that are for everything.


Modpack Policy:

You are free to use this in any Modpack, Public or Private.  Please send me a PM notifying me of it (I just want to keep track of it)


Normal Things:

Glowing Moss Stone


Glowing Moss Stone is a simple source of light meant to illuminate the caves of the world.  The light it produces is weak, not enough to stop any mob from spawning, but bright enough to help you see where you're going.  It will only generate in places where it is exposed to air.

The generation rate can be tuned up or down in the config.  You can also set it to only generate in the overworld, or only generate in worlds that are not the overworld.



Dungeon Lantern

The Dungeon Lantern is a block made from 4 Glowing Moss Stone and one Lapis Lazuli.  It is very mildly brighter than the Stone, but still dim enough to allow mobs to spawn.  This block is intended for use in mob grinders and such, or as a stylish light source in a dungeon.



D'ni Stone

A set of stones marked with the D'ni numbering system from the Myst games.  They give off dim light but are mainly decorative in nature.

They can be crafted to cycle them through the numbers 0-25, or you can use the handy D'ni Chisel to set them.


D'ni Chisel

A simple chisel.  Using it will cycle it through the numbers, sneak-using it will cycle backwards.  Punching a D'ni Stone block with it will set the stone to that number.  Additionally, it can be crafted alongside any D'ni stone to set it to the chisel's number.



Glowing Stone Bricks

Stone bricks mixed with Glowstone Dust.  Glows at full strength.

*As of 0.21, the recipe has changed to be more affordable*

You may use any vanilla Stone Brick for the recipe.



Stone Glass

Stone Glass is crafted with stone and glass.  Its purpose is to be a slightly stronger window.

There is also a glowing variant.

ADVENTURE: This block, unlike vanilla glass, cannot be broken by hand in Adventure Mode.


 Obsidian Glass:

While Stone Glass is somewhat stronger than normal glass, it still suffers from vulnerability to explosions.

Obsidian Glass is just like the Stone Glass, but has inherited 1/8th of the blast resistance of Obsidian, which is still more than enough to resist Creepers and TNT.

ADVENTURE:  Just like the Stone Glass, this block cannot be broken by hand in Adventure Mode.




Adventure Stuff:

These are uncraftable, and can be disabled in the config.  They default to disabled.



Indestructible variants of all of the vanilla flowers.  For scenery that must not be disturbed.




A simple recreation of the 1.8 Barrier Block, invisible unless you're holding one and are near it.  There is a resource pack bundled in the Jar that renders them all visible.



Invisible Item

It has a transparent texture.



Bedrock Rails

These Rails are indestructible and do not require a support block underneath.

Also comes in Powered, Detector, and Booster (basically always on powered rail) variants.

Unfortunately, as with all rails, they are not waterproof.  I have no way of fixing this (to my knowledge).

*Thanks to Draco, these are now Waterproof! (as of version 0.21)*


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