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A technology mod that adds various lifts for better vertical traversal inside your world.

Also uses Energy by TechReborn

The usage of an external mod is necessary for powering electric lifts.








Lifts are machines that can transform blocks in front of it in a platform that can move entities vertically. They can be controlled used redstone, lift buttons, and screens.



Screens and other stuff



A screen is a simple machine that provides a simple user interface for interacting with lifts placed in your world.


The Screen Charger is a simple block that can wirelessly charge linked screens.


A Lift Detector is a simple block that emits a Redstone signal when a linked lift has its platform.


The Lift Button is a button that can wirelessly call a linked lift.




I strongly advise the usage of a mod like RoughlyEnoughItems for viewing recipes.


Other information


For bug reporting please proceed to the mod's GitHub repository: https://github.com/lucaargolo/lifts

If you have any other questions or suggestions, feel free to call me on Discord @D4rk#0693
You can find me in the Cafeteria Development guild.