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An Origins Addon - Libra

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Feel free to use in your modpacks, make showcases, etc. 



**Do you want to request compatibility for your datapack in the form of a Libra version for your origin? Is your origin not a monstruous origin (and therefore should be immune to Human Champion's Monster Hunter perk)? Do you want a cameo of your datapack in the form of a blessing/curse? Hit me up on the official Origins Discord server.** 

Libra is an origin that enhances the performance of vanilla origins (the ones featured by default in Apace's Origins mod) to make them be more on par (power-level wise) with custom origins and that can both bless and curse other players with enhanced powers or additional downsides.

Fully compatible with Apellonyx#6036’s Pello's Origins Overhaul datapack, including some special interactions.


-Do you want to copy and paste code to make a warden or evolved shulk origin? Fear not! A datapack version of this addon is also available, which will not require you to make everyone install this mod (works from the server's side). The difference is that you won't have custom art for your resource and cooldown bars, though. Tablets are also impossible to tell apart from each other without a resource pack (aka download the mod version for less headaches)! You can get it in the official Origins Discord server on this link: Datapacks channel on Discord

- Future plans include cursing and blessing mobs. But that'll wait until minecraft 1.17 comes out!


Libra is an origin that has three forms:

  • Good: Tanky and lucky but weak. Mostly a healer.
  • Balanced: Average but versatile. Resists overpowered origins better.
  • Evil: Strong and fast but frail and unlucky. Mostly a damage dealer.

Libra switches forms depending on how good or evil they are, and certain actions are counted as good or evil (such as killing innocent animals being evil or putting the undead to rest being good). 

Libra can bless every single vanilla origin into stronger versions of themselves.

Libra can also bless custom origins with generic positive effects (added abilities) that last for one minecraft day or until you die.

Finally, Libra can curse origins with generic negative effects (added downsides) that last until death or until cleansed.

Introduces many curses and blessings you can play with, even if you are not a Libra yourself.

Includes some fancy taunts that do nothing other than aesthetics.


Libra also includes the Canine origin, along with its blessed form.

[LIBRA'S FORMS (Pros and Cons)]:

While playing Libra, certain actions will build up positive and negative karma (which I also name balance throughout this explanation, they are the same thing), which has the following passive effects:


  • Balanced form: between 4 and 19 balance.

- [Active]: Cleanse all nearby entities’ potion effects (including yourself) and gain temporary fire resistance.

- [Secondary]: 50% chance to either curse or bless yourself. If you got cursed, become good. If you got blessed, become evil. After using this skill 21 times, you unlock tablets.

- [Passive 1]: You can only take up to 3 damage every second. However, any damage you take is also 3, no matter how weak it is. Taking damage cleanses your status effects.

- [Passive 2]: Entities you hit lose their status effects, good or bad, but you can not use potions directly.


  • Good: between 20 and 22 balance.

- [Active]: Gain the ability to heal non-evil entities around you and deal massive damage to undead. Refunds 25% of your cooldown.

- [Passive 1]: Chance to get blessed at random, and you take 20% less damage, but you also deal 40% less damage. (Every minute, there is a 10% chance to become blessed, which won't happen if you are already blessed or cursed).

- [Passive 2]: Chance to regenerate health if blessed or cursed.

- [Passive 3]: If you die, resurrect with full health but reset your good meter. 

- [Passive 4]: Heal non evil or undead mobs as well as players by hitting them with a stick. 


  • Evil: between 0 and 3 balance.

- [Active]: Gain the ability to teleport behind your enemies on a cooldown and deal increased damage for 1 second. If you kill a creature, this ability’s cooldown resets.

- [Passive 1]: +15% movement speed and +25% damage taken.

- [Passive 2]: Chance to get cursed at random, this will not happen if you are already blessed or cursed. 10% chance every minute.

- [Passive 3]: +15% damage dealt if blessed or cursed.

- [Passive 4]: Heal evil and undead entities by hitting them with a stick. Can not heal players.


  • Good actions: Putting the undead to rest [+1], Defeating raiders [+1], Defeating evil bosses [+Max], Blessing a player [Max].


  • Evil actions: Killing passive mobs [-1], Killing dogs, cats, parrots or villagers [-Max], Cursing a player [Max].

[BLESSED ORIGINS (and how to bless other players)]:

Libra can bless other players up to four times per day by shifting and hitting other players with a stick. It will force vanilla origins into a slightly stronger or more versatile version of themselves, but keep in mind you can not bless anyone for as long as you are evil.

Extra effects:

  • A custom origin will receive a blessing from the [COMMUNITY BLESSINGS] section below.
  • A player who has been cursed will have their curse rerolled into a blessing.




- Taunt: Creep. When you press tab, you play creepy spider noises and display cosmetic spider eyes.


- Poisonous fangs: Hitting a target applies poison to it. This ability comes with a cooldown.


- Creepy crawly: Enemies who hit you flinch in disgust (reverse knockback).


Video: Libra's arachnid in action 



-Taunt: Mega ultra chicken. When you press tab, you make a loud chicken noise. Nearby chickens will also make loud chicken noises.


-Momentum: When dashing, you build up momentum. If you jump while dashing, you will enter soaring mode. While soaring, you glide in the direction you are looking for as long as you have momentum.


Holding a nether star in your off-hand allows you to regenerate momentum mid-air, allowing you to gain height.


-Golden egg yolks: Craft eggs into golden nuggets.

Video: Libra's avian using Momentum.



-Taunt: Hot rod. When you press tab, you play blaze noises and display some floating particle rods.


-Video: Blazeborn performing their taunt. 


-Burnt Wrath: Deal 50% extra damage to enemies that are on fire but extinguish them.

-Nether master: You move faster in lava and can see better under it briefly after entering it. The lava vision power may not work with the Netherite Plus mod (fabric) and some forge mods that alter the way in which lava fog is rendered. Netherite Plus in particular is incompatible with the lava vision power from origins, too.


-Aerial maneouvers: [Secondary mid-air] Hover upwards slowly, recharges while on the ground. Shift to cancel.

Video: Blazeborn using Aerial maneouvers.



Taunt: Steel wings. Pressing tab will display cosmetic particle wings.


Video: Avian performing their taunt. 


- You can craft gunpowder using charcoal and eggs.


- You can craft paper using birch logs. 


- No claustrophobia.


- No additional kinetic damage.


- Steel wings: Using a firework rocket from your off-hand as you crash into something will cut them with your wings, dealing 12 damage. This attack goes through shields, but it's difficult to use!

Video: An elytrian using their steel wings.



Taunt: Woop woop. When you press tab, you make an enderman noise and display a menacing enderman face. Nearby endermen will also woop.


Video: Enderian using their taunt. 


- [Secondary] Rage mode: When triggered, it provides increased damage and movement speed, but for the duration you have a 25% chance to randomly teleport. When teleporting, you have a 1 in 5 chance to teleport behind an enemy and a 4 in 5 chance to just appear at a nearby location. 

Triggering rage plays an enderman anger sound which can be heard from up to 60 blocks away, so it is not stealthy at all.

Video: A raging enderian.



Taunt: Meow. "A crucial feature. Cats should meow and nearby cats should meow with them." -Someone on the origins github issues. When you press tab, you meow. Nearby cats will answer by meowing as well. Creepers caught in your meow will run away faster.


Video: A feline using their taunt. 


- Changes to weak arms: When you hold any raw fish in your off-hand, you get a temporary buff that allows you to mine normally without potions of strength. The fish will be consumed and you won’t get any saturation.

- Changes to nine lives: The first 8 times you would die are negated, and you come back at full health with weakness X for 5 minutes and speed 3 for 15 seconds. Recharges when you fully die and respawn.

- Cat flip: Your secondary ability provides you with a long backwards jump that includes immunity frames, good for weaving out of danger.

Video: A feline using the cat flip and the 9 lives feature.



-Taunt: I'M COMING FOR YOU! You play a horn that can be heard from very far away and then laugh. The laugh can only be heard up to 15 blocks away from you. For obvious reasons, this taunt has a 20 seconds cooldown.


Video: A human using their taunt. 

-Monster Hunter: Slightly above average human... with a twist.

Take 10% less damage from all sources.

Deal 50% more damage to mobs and monster based origins (origins that are not human, except feline, avian, shoebill, 269% accurate villager, merling or libra, who are immune to this effect).

Move 10% faster.

Gain 10% more max HP.



- Taunt: Sea monster. When you press tab in water, you make spooky water monster noises which can be heard from far away. On land, you make flopping and pathetic noises instead.


- Stormcaller [Secondary]: Summon a storm by consuming a heart of the sea.


- Maelstrom: When in rain or water, deal 25% more damage.


- Charibdis [Shift + primary]: When in water or rain, create a Charibdis whirlpool that sucks in every entity in a 7 block radius, including items. It can even sink boats!


- Ability to craft hearts of the sea by surrounding an ender pearl with prismarine shards.


- Double breath meter from drinking potions/water.

Video: A merling using Stormcaller and Charibdis. 


Phantom is already overpowered, this is all you are getting.

-Taunt: We do a lil spookin. When you press tab, you make the same noise phantoms do when spawning.


- Become immune to fall damage.



- Taunt: Close fake-out. You pretend to close your shell and make a shulker noise.


- Video: A shulk performing their taunt. 


- Withdraw [Secondary]: If you are standing on a solid block, close your shell. You gain full damage resistance, but you can’t deal damage, break blocks or move. You are also blinded and worst of all... you are purple.


Pressing shift allows you to exit your shell early.


Enemies who hit you while your shell is closed will become weakened for 20 seconds.


Exiting your shell cleanses all status effects except fire.


Warning: Enemies can still push you around while you are inside your shell.

Video: Shulk hiding in their shell.



- Taunt: Here we come. You bark. Nearby wolves bark three times in response.


- Howl of War [Primary]: Nearby wolves get temporarily enraged thus becoming faster and stronger. Nearby canine players become faster. 1 minute cooldown.


- Retreat Howl [Secondary]: Teleport all nearby wolves in front of you.


- Alpha Pack Tactics: On top of the regular effect, wolves and canine players near you (other than yourself) become tougher. You can upgrade wolves, too, if you hit them with the following items:


1) Iron chestplate: Upgrades a wolf's armor by 7.5, gray collar.

2) Diamond chestplate: Upgrades a wolf's armor by 12.5, cyan collar. (Stacks with the Iron chestplate upgrade, equivalent to diamond armor)

3) Netherite ingot: Makes the wolf you hit immune to knockback, black collar.

4) Golden apple: A wolf's damage increases by 1 and it gains a 15% damage reduction.

5) Enchanted golden apple: A wolf's damage increases by 2 and it gains a further 25% damage reduction (Stacks with the Golden Apple ugrade, equivalent to prot IV)

Video: Libra's Alpha upgrading a wild and a domesticated wolf.

[LIBRA’S CURSE (and how to curse other players)]:

Libra’s curse is an ability that can be triggered once per minecraft day by shift + hitting players with a blaze rod, and it will force a curse upon them. The curse you cast is random so you may end up giving the player a curse they are immune to (like giving curse of the merling to a merling). Keep in mind you can not curse anyone when you are good!


If you are not cursed, you can also curse yourself by jumping into the water of a fountain built using at least: 1 glowstone, 4 gilded blackstone, 8 polished blackstone and 12 polished blackstone stairs. This works for any origin and not just Libra!


You can cleanse yourself by building a cleansing fountain with 12 regular quartz stairs, 8 chiseled quartz blocks, 4 quartz blocks and 1 glowstone. This works for any origin and not just Libra!


A cleansing fountain (right) next to a cursing fountain (left):


Video: How to use the fountain.




When hit, randomly teleport and when you do you get blindness and nausea for a moment. You can’t see people/mobs who wear pumpkins. You can cure yourself by bathing in a cleansing fountain. + Bad luck II.




Water hurts you, but you have permanent water breathing. You can cure yourself by bathing in a cleansing fountain. + Bad luck II.




You can not mine natural stone unless you have strength. You can cure yourself by bathing in a cleansing fountain. + Bad luck II.




You gain permanent slowfalling without a way to toggle it and random gusts of wind may push you upwards. You can cure yourself by bathing in a cleansing fountain. + Bad luck II.




You can not equip armor heavier than chainmail. You can cure yourself by bathing in a cleansing fountain. + Bad luck II.




You occasionally create cobwebs in which you get stuck. Direct sunlight hurts your eyes. You can cure yourself by bathing in a cleansing fountain. + Bad luck II.




You can only breathe in water. You become immune to water damage. You can cure yourself by bathing in a cleansing fountain. + Bad luck II.




You can not use shields. You are slightly slower than usual. You can cure yourself by bathing in a cleansing fountain. + Bad luck II.




You are permanently phasing without a way to turn it off. Sunlight burns you even if you are phasing. You can cure yourself by bathing in a cleansing fountain.  + Bad luck II.




Affected players take 1 armor piercing damage and 1 hunger every 10 seconds. This damage is inescapable. You can cure yourself by bathing in a cleansing fountain.  + Bad luck II.




Affected players can not deal damage directly unless they use a hoe. You can cure yourself by bathing in a cleansing fountain.  + Bad luck II.




Affected players have permanent blindness + weird vision but can echolocate by pressing tab (or your playerlist button). You can cure yourself by bathing in a cleansing fountain. + Bad luck II.


You guys are crazy. Here’s a list of curses suggested by the community. Only the ones that are in green are currently implemented.




Affected players have a 25% chance to sneeze once every 10 seconds. Players who aren’t keeping their social distance will also catch the curse of Divoc. Mobs and players around you have a chance to be poisoned. You deal 25% less damage.  + Bad luck II




Affected players have a random chance to become super fast for a brief moment, and the flash particle plays for them. + Bad luck II




Every now and then, you spin. After a spin, you get nausea for a few seconds. + Bad luck II




If Pehkui is installed, your height is divided by 1.75 and gain additional jump strength and weakness. + Bad luck II




If Pehkui is installed, your height is multiplied by 1.75 and you also get hungrier faster. + Bad luck II




Your shaders are randomly switched back and forth. + Bad luck II


  • CURSE OF OIL (By Sans Peter)


In rain or water, you begin to levitate upwards. + Bad luck II




Every now and then, you become a statue and can’t do anything. While in statue form, you don’t take damage. + Bad luck II




Every now and then, your controls are inverted except for shift and jump. + Bad luck II


  • CURSE OF INSOMNIA (By Astro 26)


You can’t fall asleep at night. + Bad luck II


  • CURSE OF STAMINA (By Astro 26)


You gain a stamina bar. Sprinting, attacking and jumping drain this bar. When you reach 0, you become slow and weak. Recharges while standing still or walking. + Bad luck II




You can’t break logs of any kind. + Bad luck II




Randomly get bad Omen V. + Bad luck II


  • CURSE OF THE CLIMBER (By Astro 26)


You suffocate above Y 100. + Bad luck II


  • CURSE OF SNACKING (By Random Zambi)


You can only eat cookies and raw ham (uncooked pork). + Bad luck II


  • CURSE OF PRIDE (By Benhotlava) [COMPLETE]


You can not damage passive mobs. + Bad luck II




You can breathe underwater and on land but you must do so by tapping shift. + Bad luck II




Humans and human champions deal double damage to you. + Bad luck II


  • CURSE OF CURSES (By Astro 26, Lolimancer, Sans Peter Chubby F0XX)


This curse does nothing other than play a faint laugh every now and then. Over time, it begins to apply the effects of other curses at random. Hitting another player will pass the curse to them. You can only cleanse this curse if a Libra blesses you or if you spend a diamond block while bathing on a cleansing fountain. + Bad luck II


  • CURSE OF ANXIETY (By Sans Peter, Astro 26)


This curse occasionally plays creeper noises about to go off behind you. There’s a 1 in 20 chance that it’s an actual creeper (but this creeper won’t break blocks). Within this 1 in 20 chance, there’s a 1 in 10 chance for the creeper to be charged. + Bad luck II




Affected players take double damage from all sources. + Bad luck II




Affected players take double damage from fire and burst into flames when ignited. Goes through fire resistance. Check out Pello's datapacks! + Bad luck II




Affected players are slower and can only eat metal. Check out the Genesis datapack! + Bad luck II


  • CURSE OF ENTROPY (By Sans Peter and ThatRobin)


Affected players have unstable stats. + Bad luck II


Blessings apply to any non-vanilla origins and also origins blessed by Libra. Generally speaking, they last for a full minecraft day or until the player dies. Here’s a list of blessings suggested by the community:




Affected players will resurrect on death once. When this happens or a day goes by, the blessing ends. + Good luck II




Affected players gain hexblade’s spirit barrier at full charges. It will negate the first 15 hits you take no matter how powerful or weak they are. It disappears after a day or when you reach 0 and you can not recharge it. + Good luck II




Affected players gain the brown myconoid’s ore sense ability (from the Myconoids datapack) if they shift. It disappears after a day or on death. + Good luck II


  • WIND’S BLESSING (By Random Zambi)


Affected players can swim in the air for a limited time. It disappears after a day, on death or when the time’s exhausted. + Good luck II




Affected players take 25% reduced damage unless you are poisoned. It disappears after a day or on death. + Good luck II


  • BLESSING OF HUMANITY (By Oshawhy and Sans Peter) [COMPLETE]


Affected players gain 10% increased speed, max HP, damage and damage resistance. It disappears after a day or on death. + Good luck II




Affected players gain hero of the village. It disappears after a day or on death. + Good luck II




Affected players gain projectile immunity. It disappears after a day or on death. Also try the Timekeeper datapack. + Good luck II




Affected players don’t take fall damage and move faster. + Good luck II




Wolves around the affected player gain regeneration I, resistance III, strength II and speed II. It disappears after a day or on death. + Good luck II




Affected players can see everything highlighted through walls when shifting. It disappears after a day or on death. + Good luck II


  • BLADEBORN’S BLESSING (Just a random idea I had) [COMPLETE]


Affected players can spam click to attack like in 1.8 but axes deal 50% less damage. It disappears after a day or on death. Go check out the Bladeborn datapack. + Good luck II




Affected players steal health when attacking. It disappears after a day or on death. + Good luck II




Affected players gain the ability to teleport-parry attacks via right click 15 times, which negates incoming damage briefly and teleports you behind the nearest entity while granting greatly increased damage for 1 second. It disappears after a day, on death or when the uses are exhausted. + Good luck II



Affected players gain better enchantments at an enchanting table for less experience. It disappears after a day or on death. + Good luck II




Affected players can increase the duration of potions by right clicking a cauldron with water. It disappears after a day or on death. + Good luck II




Affected players will gain experience from breaking fully grown crops. It stacks with sylvan's natural green thumb ability too. Go check out CandyCaneCazoo's Sylvan datapack! + Good luck II




Affected players will gain the ability to summon up to 25 stationary shield zombies to act as cover against projectiles. These zombies remain until killed or until the charges run out. Go check out Ben's Necromancer datapack! + Good luck II


[THIS FEATURE REQUIRES YOU TO PICK **LIBRA** AS YOUR STARTER ORIGIN, PICKING OTHER ORIGINS WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO DO THIS] If you are in single player and want to play as one of the libra boosted origins, worry not! Libra will be able to transform into any of these origins by holding an item in both hands, shifting and then pressing tab. However, once you’ve done this, there’s no way back without commands or an orb of origin, so think twice before selecting your origin! And yes, this also means a Libra can play as Libra for a while and then switch to another origin if they feel like it, but there is no way back.

  • Arachnid: Spider eye
  • Avian: Egg
  • Blazeborn: Coal
  • Elytrian: Feather
  • Enderian: Dirt
  • Feline: String
  • Human: Rotten flesh
  • Merling: Raw Cod
  • Phantom: Leather
  • Shulk: Iron ingot
  • Canine: Bone
    NOTICE: As of the 1.19 versions of Libra, Libra will revert into a Libra after 2 in-game days no matter the circumstances. You can revert early after 1 minecraft day has gone by if you press Sneak+TAB (or whatever key you bound your players list to).

 [TABLETS (what are they, how to get them and how to use them)]:

Tablets are items you unlock after using your secondary skill 21 times and there is four main kinds:

- Empty tablets: Empty tablets can be used by anyone by holding and sneak+right clicking them. This will cleanse the current blessing or curse that's on them. If the person using the empty tablet is a libra, they have a 50% chance to gain a tablet with the curse or blessing they just cleansed. If anyone else uses the empty tablet, they only have a 25% chance to get a full tablet back. A Libra player may hold a stick in their off-hand to apply the effects of this tablet in an area around themselves, but the tablet will always break if they do that.

- Purifying tablets: Only usable by Libra players. When used, sets balance to 50%. Becomes an empty tablet when used.

- Blessed tablets: Blessed tablets can be used by anyone by holding and right clicking them. This will apply a blessing on the player. A Libra player may hold a stick in their off-hand to apply the effects of this tablet in an area around themselves. Becomes an empty tablet when used.

- Cursed tablets: Cursed tablets can be used by anyone by holding and right clicking them. This will apply a curse on the player who used the tablet. A Libra player may hold a stick in their off-hand to apply the effects of this tablet in an area around themselves. Becomes an empty tablet when used.

How to get tablets:

1) Every in-game day (after the first 21 days), Libras can use their secondary skill, which will give them one random full tablet for free. Libras can also use the properties of being good or evil to obtain a curse or blessing and use an empty tablet to try and capture the specific blessing or curse at a 50% chance.

2) Stand next to a grindstone while you hold 1 quartz block in your main hand and 1 ghast tear in your off-hand.

I am currently thinking of other ways to get empty tablets, but for now I want to see how they are used, if at all.

Important notes:

1) Using a tablet in an AOE is only possible if your curse or blessing ability is not on cooldown.

2) Using a tablet will still put your blessing or cursing ability on cooldown if you use it on yourself.

3) You can read cursed or blessed tablets regardless of your alignment, as reading them is not inherently evil or good.



Reiteration tablets are a special type of tablet you can make by entering a cursed fountain while holding a piece of cobblestone in your hand if you are NOT cursed (As of, this requirement is lifted). You do NOT need to be a Libra to create this tablet type, anyone can do it, but Libra can not use this tablet. Using a reiteration tablet (sneak+right click) while you have a curse will make your curse stay with you, even after death. You can still cleanse your curse at a cleansing fountain, and a libra may choose to bless you or to reroll your curse, which will cancel this effect.




- Deals 50% less damage while holding any items.

- Carnivore.

- Dog vision.

- 8 hearts max health (2 less than a regular player).

- Attacking enemies will enrage all nearby wolves, including wild ones. It will not turn wolves against their owners.

- Attacking an enemy has a 5% chance to summon a wild wolf to help you. 1 of 5 times, this wolf will be a dire wolf.

- [Secondary] Retreat howl: Calls all nearby wolves to you.

Pack tactics:

1) Nearby wolves and canine players other than yourself heal 1 heart every 3 seconds.
3) Your empty handed strikes are powerful and you are a threat even when unarmed.



- I see black hp/resource bars: Please update the datapack .jar to the latest version, you are missing assets and the server let you join anyway.

- Me (or my players) get "invalid player data" as an error and get disconnected from our server or single player world: It is very likely you have hit your packet size limit, due to how many origins you have installed or how big those origins are (and the ones on this pack are quite big!). You can solve this issue by installing this mod: XL Packets. If you are on Forge, you could remove other datapacks you don't use often to free up packet size.

- I can't use this on Forge, it crashes on startup: I suck and I do not know how to fix it, it seems the methods to add a class changed since 1.16.5. If you know how to do java or to code for Forge, by all means, contact me. Luckily for you, the alternative you have is renaming the .jar to .zip and shoving it in your datapacks folder, but you will still need a resourcepack. If you extract the assets folder from the .jar and bung it in a working resource pack, it should do the trick. Frankenstein solution? Maybe.

- Other issue: Please report it down in the comments or get in touch with me on the Origins discord server AFTER reading the documentation provided.