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Filename libblockattributes-all-0.8.4.jar
Uploaded by AlexIIL
Uploaded Nov 3, 2020
Game Version 1.16.4
Size 432.36 KB
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MD5 c498d6fd82e0cd81710985a6f8035c63
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* Added FluidTypeFilter, for checking if a fluid is a raw (minecraft) fluid, a floating fluid, or of a particular registry.
* Added FluidWorldUtil.createFluidDrainer and FluidWorldUtil.createFluidPlacer, which return a FluidExtractable and FluidInsertable that operate on the world directly.
* Added a few additional variants of FluidVolumeUtil.move that take a Simulation parameter.
* Undeprecate IBucketItem and make FluidContainerRegistry use it.
* Remove Grouped{Fluid/Item}InvFixedWrapper.getInsertionFilter() as it wasn't correct.
(It returned all of the filters for every slot OR'd together, but ItemInsertable.getInsertionFilter() is meant to filter only item stacks where attemptInsertion would succeed).

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