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Lets Go Herping!

A  DELTA | Modding Team Mod


L E T S  G O  H E R P I N G!


What is Lets Go Herping!?

Lets Go Herping! is a mod focusing on expanding your world with countless new and interesting reptiles and amphibians-some of which you may have never even heard of!! Currently 17 new mobs are included with more on their way! The mobs are: 
- African Fat-Tailed Gecko, a new ground-dwelling gecko which loves to eat mealworms! They come in three variants, oreo, striped, and the default morph. They spawn in savannas and deserts.

- African Pancake Tortoise, a tiny man that are rarely found in savanna biomes, as the name implies, they look like a pancake! How cute is that?

- African Spurred Tortoise, a large turtle that dwells in the savanna-they love to chomp on watermelon!

- Argentine Tegu, a fairly large reptile that hunts small animals such as chickens on the moist floor of the rainforest. For now there is no way to tame them or lure them but this will be added in a later update.

- Amazon Milk Frog, a funny frog that is found in jungles, they are bred with spider eyes but be careful, breeding them on land will kill the tadpoles (they will be able to go to water to lay eggs later in the future).

- Bearded Dragon, one of, if not the most well-known reptile in the pet trade! They love superworms and come in 6 variants!

- Blue-Nosed Chameleon, a very cute reptile from the island of Madagascar, the blue-nosed chameleon can be found high-up in the treetops and has a tiny but adorable blue nose like the name implies!

- Emperor Newt, a pretty salamander which spawn in jungles! They come in 2 variants, those being orange, and red!

- Fiji-Banded Iguana, a endangered species which has bright blue speckles and stripes all over its body, a very interesting creature indeed.

- Green Anole, everyone has to have seen one of these reptiles, they are bright green with a bright pink-red dewlap under their neck!

- Jacksons Chameleon, basically if a triceratops and a chameleon were smashed together. This interesting animal can be found in jungles and comes in 3 variants-green, half-and-half, and blue.

- Leaf-Tailed Gecko, a competition winner, and a very weird reptile, they spawn in jungles at night and can only be bred at that time too!

- Red-Eyed Crocodile Skink, personally my favorite reptile, the crocodile skink can be found in jungles and is scared of players.

- Spiny-Tailed Gecko, a very... interesting reptile that spawns in wooded badlands and comes in 3 different variants, try to find them all!
- Tentacled Snake, the first snake in the mod, can be found in plains and inflicts a poisonous bite, watch out! 

- Tiger Salamander, a amphibian which can be found in the plains.


Join our discord server here! https://discord.gg/4YGSF4UFfM


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Fabric Port?
Maybe someday, but right now we are sticking with forge.


1.12.2 Port? Please?
No, we arent going to port any of our mods including this one to 1.15 or below, its too time consuming and we want to focus on future versions.


I have x bug, where can i report this?
Preferably in our discord server, but if you cant then do it in the comments.


Is this an MCreator mod?
No, it isnt and it never will be.


Can I showcase this in my youtube video?
Yeah! Just please link the mod in the description or in the comment section.


Can I put this in my modpack?
Go ahead! Just please give credit somewhere.