Lenient Stack Size

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Lenient Stack Size


This mod increases the stack sizes of vanilla items. The new stack sizes are pre-designed and new interactions have been added to deal with the new stack sizes.

Highly recommended to use this in conjunction with a mod or datapack which adds the Bundle recipe - since making these items stackable increases the utility of Bundles.


Update v1.1.0: Added a config that allows changing the stack sizes of the items. This includes items not changed by the mod by default such as Totems, Lingering Potions, and Splash Potions.


Update v1.2.0: Updated to 1.18 and now has much more flexible configuration so you can set the stack size of any item in the game, including modded items. If you're updating from v1.1.0 please make sure to delete the lenientstacksize.properties before opening a new world. Once a world is loaded, you can add, remove, and edit stack sizes in lenientstacksize_config.json. If you disable "enable-config-updates" in lenientstacksize.properties then the config file will remain fixed and will not automatically update when new versions of Lenient Stack Size are released. If you'd like a mod to be supported by default, leave a comment or make a pull request on GitHub and I'll do my best to support that mod.


Stackable Items.



Full list of items that can be stacked by default

  • Saddle [64] [was 1]
  • Horse Armor [64] [was 1]
  • Enchanted Books [64] [was 1]
  • Writable Books [64] [was 1]
  • Written Books [64] [was 16]
  • Knowledge Books [64] [was 1]
  • Mushroom Stew, Beetroot Soup, Rabbit Stew, and Suspicious Stew [16] [was 1]
  • Music Discs [64] [was 1]
  • Buckets [64] [was 16]
  • Lava buckets, milk buckets, water buckets, and powdered snow buckets [16] [was 1]
  • Ender pearls [64] [was 16]
  • Snowballs [64] [was 16]
  • Eggs [64] [was 16]
  • Armor Stands [64] [was 16]
  • Cakes [64] [was 1]
  • Potions [16] [was 1] - note that the maximum stack size of splash and lingering potions are still 1 for balancing purposes.
  • Boats [64] [was 1]
  • Signs [64] [was 16]
  • All Minecarts (including chest, hopper, tnt, etc) [64] [was 1]
  • Banners [64] [was 16]
  • Beds [64] [was 1]


Some Technical Details

This mod is not as simple as simply increasing the stack sizes. Some extra design considerations are made for the new stack sizes which Minecraft doesn't normally handle.

For example, under normal circumstances a full stack of enchanted books would be consumed to enchant one item, however this mod handles enchanted books so you can enchant in bulk.

Other changes include letting players sign an entire stack of written books at once, can use dispensers with stacks of liquid, can use jukeboxes without duplicating stacks of records, and can ride horses without accidentally placing a stack of saddles in its saddle slot. See the source code to look at all the changes.



This mod requires the appropriate version of the Fabric API and the Fabric Loader.



Big thank you to Cameron for drafting up the original idea.

And a special thank you to Gegy and Jackson for being a huge help assisting me with the programming of this mod.



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