LeKoopa's HotDOG Mod (Lumpi)

Last Updated: Aug 27, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


Nov 27, 2016

Owner: DerLeKoopa

This Mod adds the cutest and hilarious Mob to your Minecraft world: The HotDOG ("Lumpi")!


There are three types of HotDOGs

1. Lumpi - HotDog with ketchup & mustard

2. Lumpi - HotDog without ketchup & mustard

3. Lumpi of Steel - HotDog with ketchup & mustard and 100 Hitpoints


Mod Showcase (German)




Commissioner: LeKoopa 

Originally by Eman_not_ava

Authors: Eman_not_ava & Purplicious_Cow



- You are free to use this Mod in Let's Plays or Mod Showcases.

- Your are not allowed to distribute this mod on other websites using any link other than this



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