Lecesia (Forge)

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My youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSL_h8O0lqM&t=4s;
In this mod, you can make tools that the more you use, the better they will be. There is ignium, which you can find in the nether and use it to make armor and useful weapons and tools. These will improve over time. You can also attach:
Emeralds to them: regeneration.
Diamond: durability. Gold: Haste. There is only a pickaxe, sword, shovel and axe that you can improve till lvl.9 or you can upgrade them to overpowered.
! Upgraded can be only these types of tools: ignium, copper !
-Explore new biomes and structures in overworld!
-Combine ores in smithing table and create new types of hybrid alloys:
Coggnium gem (copper and ignium)
Vooper (void gem and copper)
These alloys are more effective than the previous ones. More alloy and normal ore or gem usage will be available in the next versions.
No changes will be made in version 1.17.1
Last version for 1.16.5 will be lecesia 1.1.8
Future updates:
-gadgets on the tools
-new leveling tools
-new types of tools
-improvements of our biomes (upcoming update)


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