Lava Monsters

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Filename LavaMonsters-1.7.10-2.2.1.jar
Uploaded by FatherToast
Uploaded Sep 14, 2014
Game Version 1.7.10
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- Adjusted lava monsters' drops.
- Changed lava monsters' texture.
  - Now animated! (Can be disabled in config.)
- New properties!
  - Properties now determine lava monsters' maximum health, minimum armor, attack speed, number of fireballs, etc.
- Made SMP-compatible!
- Lava monsters are now registered within the mod (unlimited mob IDs).
- Depth hazard no longer applies to the Nether.
- Updated to 1.4.6/1.4.7!
- Re-implemented the vanilla AI system.
- Lava monsters now take damage from snowballs. (3 damage, same as blazes.)
- Fixed the name on the Lava Boots.
- New property!
- spawn_chance: the percent chance each attempt to spawn a lava monster will be successful - makes lava monsters less super common!
- Updated to 1.4.4!
- Added a rare drop! Lava Boots: bright red leather boots with fire protection X.
- Fixed the bug that prevented lava monsters from appearing on fire when attacking.
- Updated to 1.3.2!
- Now requires Minecraft Forge instead of ModLoader!
- New properties!
  - Nether_spawn: allows you to prevent lava monsters from spawning in the Nether.
  - spawn_frequency: how often the mod tries to spawn lava monsters - can improve performance and/or increase the rarity of lava monsters!
- Complete code rewrite!
  - This mod should be easier to improve and update now.
  - The source code should now make sense to people other than me!
- Probably some other things I forgot!
- Finally awesome!
- No longer edits base classes!
- Added a properties file that adjusts spawn behavior!
- Finally good!
- Complete code overhaul.
- Lava monsters now use updated pathfinding/AI and no longer randomly walk into water and commit suicide with unlimited screaming range.
- Lava monsters spawn in stationary lava!
- Lava monsters can no longer be heard from anywhere.
- Now modifies vf.class.
- First release. Kinda sucky.

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