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Adds monsters that spawn in lava.

📚 Description

If you’ve ever found yourself bored once you mine down to lava because it stops hostile mobs from spawning, then this is the mod for you! This is a small mod that adds a new hostile monster to the game that spawns in lava and spits fireballs at you. Lava monsters’ spawning conditions can be adjusted in a handy-dandy properties file!

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🤷 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I use this in my modpack?

Yes, you definitely can. Just make to provide credit to all the authors respectively and link back to the CurseForge page.

Can I redistribute this mod onto other platforms?

Yes, but before doing so make sure that all downloads are directly linked to CurseForge and provide credit to all the authors respectively

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All translators are credited here that have translated the mod to their native languages. Thanks to OneSkyApp, you can translate easily!


Flag icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com

  Afrikaans (South Africa) translations by: Wendigo44
  اللغة العربية (North Africa + Middle East) translations by: VXsz, fl.bnmbnm
  Català (Spain (Catalonia) & Andorra) translations by: Minaderm
  Čeština (Czechia) translations by: frantisekbenes65
  Cymraeg (Wales) translations by: Fl3x_X_Placid,
  Deutsch (Germany) translations by: xTomFox, m.strongamov
  Español (Argentina) translations by: tomasaisama2008
  Español (Chile) translations by: Vantanase
  Español (Spain) translations by: josebaizairiondo, Minaderm
  Español (Mexico) translations by: Vamacheron
  فارسی (Iran) translations by: khbatwyy63
  Français (Canada) translations by: Lachney
  Français (France) translations by: Lachney
  Galego (Spain) translations by: Minaderm
  עברית (Israel) translations by: Ido
  Magyar (Hungary) translations by: wrghig
  Bahasa (Indonesia) translations by: accountforcommenting23
  Italiano (Italty) translations by: Giorgiovanni
  日本語 (Japan) translations by: Vamacheron, お馬
  한국어 (South Korea) translations by: LoboAzul0103
  Lietuvių (Lithuania) translations by: WaryRGMCA
  Malay (Malaysia) translations by: StearING2
  Vlaams (Belgium) translations by: Jelle
  Nederlands (Netherlands) translations by: Sindarin27, Jelle
  Polski translations by: Matzetix
  Português (Brasil) translations by: cesarlopesg354035, Mikeliro
  Русский (Russia) translations by: PinkGoose
  Svenska translations by: 1019milo
  Türkçe (Turkey) translations by: CreepSkeet
  简体中文 (中国) (China) translations by: S0ar1ngDeath, likefishlike

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