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Filename LanteaCraft-1.7.10-23.jar
Uploaded by MichiyoRavencroft
Uploaded May 25, 2017
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 25.16 MB
Downloads 14,978
MD5 3354d4fd917554dca720fd9d12e1f936
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


  1. Add missing init setup calls for LCBlock, issue #441. (commit: dfd445b) (details)
  2. Handle no such network player (weird conditions), issue #442. (commit: e363a4f) (details)
  3. Change mechanics on doors, issue #437. (commit: fd8fa4f) (details)
  4. Fix Galacticraft compat, issue #435. (commit: 6b2d9e5) (details)
  5. Start fixing doors more (commit: 50cceda) (details)
  6. Merge stargate & database things (commit: 6f33d64) (details)
  7. make glasses 10% cooler (commit: 401fa30) (details)
  8. trace all the things (commit: bad94cf) (details)
  9. Add toString, because they're nice (commit: 24a0bf3) (details)
  10. Make network handling more robust: add explicit drop exception (commit: e50981e) (details)
  11. Improve tracer: fix exception calls not unwinding the stack (commit: 24e35a6) (details)
  12. Change visibility of rotation map (commit: 3988a7b) (details)
  13. Add debug renderer: (commit: 60d5436) (details)
  14. Configuration I: death by model objects (commit: f95016c) (details)
  15. Configuration II: model-based configuration input/output (commit: 3383cc9) (details)
  16. Configuration III: the supertype model (commit: cf8e60e) (details)
  17. Fix computer type casting, issue #449. (commit: dfad15f) (details)
  18. Configuration IV: LanteaCraft config.xml definition (commit: 755b5c6) (details)