Lag'B'Gon Reborn

22,959 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 25, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

This is intended as a Server Only mod.  It does not need to, and should not, be installed on client side.

Lag'B'Gon is a lag reduction utility.  It will automatically scan for entities and dropped items at configurable intervals, and remove them from the world, unless they're blacklisted.  Additionally, Lag'B'Gon can unload chunks when TPS drops below a configurable level. (Although you cannot set it higher than 15 TPS).  Lag'B'Gon is also capable of preventing overbreeding. Players can work around the protection, of course, but it will still help.

All configuration can be handled in game through the /bgon command, and it's sub commands.  /bgon is only available to ops.


  • /bgon toggleitem :  Places the item you have selected on your hotbar into the item Blacklist, preventing it from being removed during Clears.
  • /bgon toggleentity <modid:name> : Places the named entity into the Entity blacklist, preventing it from being removed during Clears.  For example: "minecraft:skeleton". Use the names displayed by /bgon scanentities for best results.
  • /bgon clear : Manually runs a Clear, removing items and entities from the world.
  • /bgon interval <time> : Sets the time between automatic Clears.  The interval is actually 1 minute longer, as it includes a 1 minute warning.
  • /bgon toggleauto : Turns automatic clearing on and off.
  • /bgon listitems : Lists the contents of the item blacklist.
  • /bgon listentities : Lists the contents of the entity blacklist
  • /bgon settps <tps> : Sets the TPS below which chunks will be unloaded automatically.  Cannot be set higher than 15 in game.  If you're insane enough to want it higher, you can do so in the config by hand.
  • /bgon unload : Manually unloads unused chunks.
  • /bgon blacklist: Switches between using blacklist and whitelist.
  • /bgon scanentities this will give you the name of all nearby entities (11x11x11 cube, 5 block for each side from enttity), exactly as it should be entered into the blacklist, to prevent /bgon clear removing them.
  • /bgon maxperchunk <amount>: Sets maximum entities to spawn per chunk.
  • /bgon togglenamedremove: Toggle Named Remove.

Breeding Related:

  • /bgon togglepolice : Turns automatic policing of breeding on.
  • /bgon setbreedlimit : Sets the maximum allowed mobs of type EntityAgeable in a 11x11x11 cube (5 block for each side from enttity), before more breeding is prevented automatically.


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