Better Crates

478,716 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 3, 2021 Game Version: 1.18

Better Crates are a mod that adds storage crates that have different types, differing in the number of slots.

The main difference is that when they are destroyed, they retain their contents.

There are also improvements that convert crates into crates one level higher.

Available crates:
   Wooden crate - 36 slots
   Copper crate - 45 slots
   Tin crate - 45 slots
   Iron crate - 63 slots
   Golden crate - 81 slots
   Diamond crate - 117 slots

   Obsidian crate - 117 slots (Protected explosions)


Available upgrades:

   Wooden upgrade: Upgrade Chest > Wooden crate
   Copper upgrade: Update Chest > Copper chest
   Tin upgrade: Update Chest > Tin chest
   Iron upgrade: Upgrade Wooden crate > Iron crate
   Golden upgrade: Upgrade Iron crate > Golden crate
   Diamond upgrade: Upgrade Golden crate > Diamond crate

   Obsidian upgrade: Upgrade Diamond crate > Obsidian crate

(Upgrades are more expensive than crafting crates)

Also new crates will be added...


This mod may be used in any modpacks.


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