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You are the last Godborn, chosen by an ancient prophecy and destined to kill the evil god Kronos and restore peace to the universe.

This mod is packed with adventure, challenges, secrets, and much more!


Within this world, you may find:

  • 12 dimensions
  • 25+ biomes
  • 25+ structures
  • 15+ weapons and offhand items
  • 5+ armor sets
  • bosses
  • 25+ mobs and NPCs
  • 40+ scrolls
  • 15+ foods
  • And more! Including: ores, tools, teleporters, summoners, and special events


And much more is planned to be added in the near future!



Kronos is still incomplete, but currently provides around 100 hours of storyline content and hundreds of weapons, entities, biomes, and more.

The mod can be played uninterrupted until the player reaches the end of the unfinished story, and there is still plenty to do outside of the main questline.

Once the first chapter of the storyline is written, I will work on several smaller QoL improvements and bug fixes, and then release the first full version!



The GeckoLib mod is required support some of the amazing models and animations included in this mod.

Just put it in your mods folder with Kronos and everything should be fine! Just make sure to download the Forge version (not Fabric)!



Sneak Peak

To get a look at what Kronos has to offer, here is a quick mod showcase by The Lost Gamer!

(Video in Dutch, but you may use YouTube's auto-translate captions to translate into English)



Challenging new bosses! 


Weird mobs!


Your friends!



Getting Started

Since Kronos is such an expansive mod, it is difficult to summarize everything that this mod adds and how to access all the content.

To save myself the trouble and to save you a lot of reading, I will suggest that you simply dive right in! This mod is meant to be a standalone experience, but I would suggest the following mods to use in conjunction with Kronos so you might have a better time:


When you first enter the Overworld on a brand new game, nearby you should spot our first NPC, the great wizard Aelymore.

Aelymore should be within about 15 blocks of where you spawned in. If you really can't find him, you can do the following to spawn him in if you have cheats enabled:

To kill the existing entity: /kill @e[type=yeehaw:npc_aelymore]

To resummon him: /summon yeehaw:npc_aelymore



Once you locate Aelymore, simply follow his dialogue to begin the storyline. That's all there is to it!

For all the other game content not related to the main questline, you can use the Just Enough Items (JEI) mod to check out different items and crafting recipes.

I will soon add in a Guide NPC to explain the function of different items to you so you don't get too lost or confused. Until then, good luck and have fun!!

Kronos will be constantly updated, so keep a lookout for new versions every so often!



Join the Discord Server!

If you have any ideas or suggestions, if you would like to report a bug, or if you just want to chat, I would love to see you in Discord!



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