Formerly BetterCraft.


Now available on Forge for Minecraft 1.20.1!

MoreCraft is a mod that, unlike most mods, does not add many overly complicated things.

It has over 100 new items. Lots of new tools, armors, foods, blocks, and items that fits within Minecraft theme.

This mod attempts to stay true to the original concept of Minecraft and keeping it simple. It's designed to enhance your survival experience.


The Main Features!

 In addition to the aforementioned features above, there are also Rubies, a new material dropped from Ruby Ores that can be used to craft ruby tools. There are also MANY new delicious foods to sate your hunger!


List of Supported Mods

Blueprint (Enables Netherwood Forest biome)
Farmers Delight (Adds Netherwood Cabinets and more cooking recipes!)
Twilight Forest (Adds Netherwood Banisters & Hollow Logs)
Woodworks (Adds Netherwood Beehives, Chests, Bookshelves, Ladders, Boards, and Leaf Piles. Also enables sawmill recipes for Netherwood.)
Dramatic Doors (Adds tall version of MoreCraft doors)






You are MORE THAN WELCOME to add this mod to your modpack, public or private!

Feel free to study the source code and learn how the mod works but I only ask you that... please don't claim the mod as your own! Thank you!
And please DO NOT rehost the mod elsewhere. Only link back to this page. Thank you!


Other Notes

Please do NOT ask for any further updates to my mod for 1.12.2. It is NO LONGER SUPPORTED so there will not be any feature updates or bug fixes. Please use 1.16.5 or newer.

Besides, Minecraft has many great additions from versions 1.13.x through 1.16.x so you are missing out on those cool stuff if you're still using 1.12.2.


Ways to Support

I worked hard to bring the mod to you, to make it available to everyone, free of charge! That's right! Free forever!

If you would like to support me in any way, I have a tipjar available! It will help me greatly as I don't really have a job.