Kiln (Fabric)


Kiln adds a new type of furnace that smelts recipes that can't be made in vanilla blast furnaces or smokers. These include:

  • Brick from clay ball
  • Charcoal from logs that burn
  • Cracked nether brick from nether brick
  • Cracked stone brick from stone brick
  • Glass from sand
  • Glazed terracotta from dyed terracotta
  • Green dye from cactus
  • Lime dye from sea pickle
  • Nether brick from netherrack
  • Popped chorus fruit from chorus fruit
  • Smooth quartz from quartz block
  • Smooth red sandstone from red sandstone
  • Smooth sandstone from sandstone
  • Smooth stone from stone
  • Sponge from wet sponge
  • Stone from cobblestone
  • Terracotta from clay

This mod was made as a redeem for BluKat on Twitch. If you want to request a mod of your own, go check me out on twitch at LemmaEOF! I stream Saturday, Sunday, and Monday evenings from 7 PM to 9 PM PST.