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This mod adds a Kelpie mob into the game. A Kelpie is a shape shifting water spirit from Scottish lore. They live in lakes and other bodies of water, They're usually depicted as horses, however they are also shown as humans. The exact attributes of the Kelpie vary, but they are commonly said to prey on humans. If you were to touch a Kelpie, you would be stuck to it, and it would drag you into the water and drown/devour you. There is a popular web comic which displays this creature, which can be found here.


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The Kelpie added by this mod draws inspiration from the original lore. They look exactly like the vanilla minecraft horse, and spawn in rivers, beaches, oceans and any other water biome. If you try to ride one, you will be unable to dismount from it, and it will attempt to teleport you and itself to a deep spot of water. If no nearby water can be found, both the Kelpie and it's passengers will slowly take starving damage until one or both of them die. The only way to break free from a Kelpie is to kill it or to be killed by it. 


Planned Features

  • Fix Waila revealing if a mob is a Kelpie or not
  • Add human variations of the mob
  • Make everything configurable
  • Change the rendering of the mob once it has been revealed.
  • Give the player a warning message when they get on a Kelpie.


This mod was made as part of MMD's Spooky Jam event. You can find more info about it here!


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