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Welcome To Kathairis


      In ages long forgotten many would argue the best method for maintaining and manipulating the world. While there were those who sought out methods of control in the forms of machinery and technology, others allowed themselves to interact with and become one in a way with the world, using its own power and directing it, rather than forcing it.


     After centuries of attempting to reach a truce the people decided upon another solution. Utilizing the power of the world around them, and the technology they had used to control it, they created a great rift. This act caused reality as it was known to separate, forming two independent dimensions. 


     After millennia of silence the universe had finally found a way to seal the newly created void where the two dimensions once had existed as one. It created a new world, a bridge to keep the two realities connected. This is the world you came from, this is what we all know as our Overworld.


     After some time We trust you will find your way into these opposing realms, bringing them together and learning from them both. We wish for all our own to grow.




- if you are having problems with random crashes, try disabling spreading blocks around portal in config (working on fix)

- Mod requires forge to work

- Mod is in beta version

- We're looking for people to join our dev team!
- To run 0.16 version for 1.14.4 you need to use forge version higher than 28.1.10 and lower than 28.1.34






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Best Minecraft Modder (Coding)

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Discord Moderator

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Cameleus, n8five484, Suum, Legit

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