Exp Ore

216,393 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 10, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.4

Hello! Today I would like to present you some simple, basic mod - Experience Ore Block Mod. 
Mod adds simple one block which after breaking gives you a lot of experience (between 500 and 1500 to be precise). You can find it in every biome below Y=80. Also you can craft it with standard minecraft resources.

Crafting recipe:

 This mod is fully configurable, you can change:
-minimum and maximum exp that can drop from the ore
-minimum and maximum vein size
-if the ore should generate
-maximum height that the ore can generate at

-how many times the vein should generate per chunk
Please have in mind that forge didn't implement gui config support yet, so the config is only text file at the moment. Recipe is located in mod data folder, so you can also change it :)


Working with minecraft:
-1.16 (1.16.1)
-1.15 (1.15.1 too)
-1.13 and familiar
-1.12 and familiar
Note: I saw similiar mods but I noticed that they have not been updated for a long time, so if I violate any copyrights, please feel free to PM me to delete the mod, or just delete the mod (if you are an admin :p)
My site: krevik.github.io


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