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Filename kagic-X10.jar
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Uploaded Apr 7, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
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  • Added Orange Carnelians.
  • Added Persian, Polyhedroid, Tree, and Crazy Lace Agates.
  • Added default uniform colors.
  • Added Citrine and her defective form, Ametrine.
  • Added depth multipliers to limit rare gems.
  • Added Strawberry Head pepos.
  • Added Commander's Staff
    • Created using ender pearl and two iron nuggets.
    • Similar to a contract, needs to be right clicked and bound before use.
    • Any other player or gem can control the bound player's gems.
  • Added squads.
    • Give a gem a commander's staff by putting it in off-hand and shift+right clicking it.
    • Nearby gems with the same insignia will notice and follow the commander gem.
  • Added Time Glass.
    • Extremely rare Sea Shrine loot.
    • Spawns Steven, then breaks.
  • Added Steven.
    • Spawns with a glow bracelet and spawns Connie when near a village.
    • Has a cheeseburger backpack when given a chest.
    • Follows gems.
    • Doesn't fight unless helping Connie or protecting villagers.
    • Randomly sings "Jam Buds" whe around a noteblock with Connie.
    • Drops his gem.
  • Added Connie.
    • Fights hostile mobs.
    • Follows Steven.
    • Protects Steven and villagers.
    • Has a packpack and picks up random items.
    • Changes clothes every day.
    • Changes hair every week.
    • Drops her bracelet.
    • Forages for food to survive.
  • Added NLP/new chat commands to Gems, called "Crystal Skills."
  • Added Ender Pearls.
    • Can warp to places without a warp pad.
  • Added new creative tab for corrupted gems and shard fusions.
  • Added Analog Injectors, akin to old pre-1.4 injectors.
    • These have a 50% chance of spawning in loot where normal injectors appear.
    • Same recipe but with a redstone repeater in the center.
    • Uses redstone signal strength to define depth.
  • Added Irises, kindergarten flowers that drain nearby blocks and emit light.
  • Added NBT gem color configuration.
  • Changed Aquamarines.
    • Limited detection to hostile mobs and untamed gems.
    • Paralyzes enemies and fights them.
    • Primes make enemies levitate.
    • Defectives can't fight nor fly.
  • Changed Rutiles.
    • Now place torches and must be given them.
    • Uses torches instead of rock melt.
    • Collapse walls of sand and gravel.
    • Prime Rutiles use rock melt.
    • Defective Rutiles are twins.
    • Added color variations.
  • Changed Topazes.
    • Unfused Topazes hold one entity over their head.
    • Fused Topazes hold up to 16 entities.
    • Animals follow fused Topazes.
  • Changed Hessonites.
    • Moved red eye to visor layer.
  • Changed Peridots.
    • Mine metal ores with a pickaxe.
    • Drop tool on shift+right click.
    • Defective Peridots spam chat.
    • Rebel Peridots spam chat with "I'm a traitorous clod!"
  • Changed Lapis Lazulis.
    • Catch fish with a fishing rod.
    • Drop tool on shift+right click.
    • Seek out untilled dirt and till it with a hoe.
    • Catch players when they fall.
    • Create airbubbles over player's heads when underwater.
    • Move underwater as fast as they do in air.
    • Extinguish fires.
    • Added color variations.
  • Changed Quartzes.
    • Now mine with a pickaxe and a Pearl.
  • Changed Bismuths.
    • Now have an inventory.
    • Builds walls, bridges, boxes, towers, drops, and stairs on command.
      • Examples:
        • "Bismuth, build a wall that is 3 blocks tall out of dirt."
        • "Bismuth, build a tower out of sand."
        • "Bismuth, build a staircase."
        • "Bismuth, build a drop that is 3 blocks wide out of stone."
        • "Bismuth, build a bridge out of bricks."
        • "Bismuth, build a 6x3x6 box out of wood."
      • If no block is provided first block in inventory is used.
      • Stairs, drops, and bridges have configurable widths.
      • Walls, towers, and boxes have configurable heights.
      • Boxes have configurable area.
    • Insignia is a strap rather than a star.
    • Changed gem textures.
  • Changed Pearls.
    • Changed color palette.
    • Added two new dresses.
    • Can sing when asked "Pearl, sing me a song."
    • Song is on a pentatonic scale.
      • 0-4 are notes.
      • 5-9 are rests.
  • Changed Sapphires.
    • Now merged with Padparadscha.
    • Can be defective regardless of color.
  • Changed prime gem items to shine.
  • Changed gem seed and base textures.
  • Fixed creative Gem name duplication.
  • Fixed visors overlaying Topaz gems.
  • Fixed warp pads breaking when snow is on them.
  • Fixed developer mode spam.
  • Fixed gems not picking up items with mob griefing off.
  • Fixed default gems not being defective.
  • Fixed Custom NPCs incompatibilities.
  • Fixed gems having gray tops.
  • Fixed gems not swinging their arms.
  • Fixed JourneyMap incompatibilities.
  • Fixed injector ear rape.
  • Fixed Pearl dupe glitch.
  • Fixed Topaz gem color.