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KAGIC is a mod that adds machines to your Minecraft world that let you harvest your own servants and soldiers from the ores in the ground.

The Gems:

KAGIC lets you create up to nine different kinds of servants, called "gems", each variation of gem can do different things for you. Here is a list of gems and their purposes:

The Ruby is a very common and versatile gem that will follow and defend you from hostile mobs and anything with the intent to hurt you. The more they are hit, the stronger they get, and they have innate fire powers.


The Quartz is a beefed up version of the Ruby that are nearly invincible. They come in four different species, Amethysts, which have lightning powers, Jaspers, which have powerful area-of-effect attacks, Carnelians, which are just a blast, and Rose Quartzes, which heal nearby players and gems.

The Peridot is a useful gem that helps manage Kindergartens (where you create your gems) by automatically taming gems for you and telling you where you can make the best gems. When equipped with a hoe, Peridots will harvest and replant nearby crops.

The Pearl is a multicolored gem that carries a chest inside of it. With a Pearl, you can have multiple inventories that follow you and pick up nearby items. They also have customizable outfits, hair, and colors.

The Lapis Lazuli is a flying gem that you can ride. When equipped with a hoe, Lapis Lazulis will water nearby farmland.

The Sapphire is a gem that can predict the future and give you good luck.

The Bismuth is a tall and powerful gem that automatically smelts the items you right click it with.

The Agate is a commanding, multicolored gem that ensures your gems are in line and on post and keeping all nearby mobs on edge.

The Topaz is a powerful warrior gem that can fuse and carry enemies on its shoulders.

The Aquamarine is a flighty fairy gem that follows you and makes a mockery of your enemies.

The Rutile is a bright gem that, when given torches, lights up the area for you.

The Zircon is a lawyer. I rest my case.

The Hessonite is an elusive combat gem with the innate ability to pull of backhand tactics when fighting enemies, including teleportation, sword stealing, and quick maneuvers.

The Slag is a hostile reject gem that your Peridots will make short work of the moment they see it.


The Items and Blocks:

The Gem Staff allows you to control your gems. To tame a gem, you can right click it with your Gem Staff and it will serve you. If you want your gems to move to a specific location, you can right click on a block and all of your gems will stop what they are doing and go to that specific block.

The Inactive Gem Base is the item that becomes a Gem Seed once activated and injected into the ground.

The Activated Gem Base is a Gem Base after being exposed to heat. To use it, right click on an Injector block and provide a redstone current to the Injector block.

The Incubator is the top part of the injector. It can hold up to nine gem bases.

The Automatic Injector is the block used to harbor the next gem base that will be injected.

The Gem Drill is the block that allows the Injector to inject the gem base into the ground.

The Transfer Contract is used to give your gems to other people, simply give it to the person and once they right click a gem it will notify you that that gem now belongs to them. If you decide not to use the Transfer Contract, you can smelt it to receive a diamond!

The Joint Contract is used to give a gem more than one owner. This is useful for people who want to share gems. If you decide not to use the Joint Contract, you can smelt it to receive a diamond!

The Liberation Contract is used to free a gem from her owners, allowing her to be tamed by someone else. If you decide not to use the Liberation Contract, you can smelt it to receive a diamond!

The Autonomy Contract is used to free a gem from her owners forever, letting her become an autonomous gem who won't serve anyone. If you decide not to use the Autonomy Contract, you can smelt it to receive a diamond!

The Warp Pad Core is the central part of a warp pad. When surrounded by nether quartz columns and stairs, it can be given a name with the Gem Staff and used to teleport to other warp pads in the same dimension.

The Warp Whistle is used to select which warp pad to warp to.


Video Tutorials

Here are some video tutorials by Rayne, be sure to give them a like!


Here is a warp pad tutorial I made:


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