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JustEnoughTooltips is an addon for JEI that helps you to quickly find and view recipes for items and blocks. Removing the need to open a GUI, JustEnoughTooltips allows you to view recipes and uses for blocks in the world by showing it directly below your crosshair. You can also view the recipes and uses for any item in a GUI as a tooltip. If you can find the recipe in JEI, JustEnoughTooltips will allow you to view it in-game.


Supported builds will be posted here. You can find experimental builds on my Jenkins server. Current logo by willthgreat.


Note: All keys are re-configurable. The position that JustEnoughTooltips draws at is also completely configurable.


Left Alt - Show the recipe or use for the current block or item. In-game, this will be either the item you are holding, or the block you are looking at if your hand is empty or you are sneaking. If in a GUI, this will be the item directly under your cursor. Scroll your mouse wheel to cycle through the recipes.

Z - Switch between uses and recipes for the current block or item.

X - Cycle recipe categories. In vanilla, these include crafting, smelting, brewing, and more. If you have other mods that add JEI support, such as Thaumcraft, their various crafting mechanics will also appear. For instance, Thaumcraft's infusion and crucible crafting appear.

F - Attempt to fill the recipe into the current GUI. You must be viewing a recipe with the show recipe key for this to do anything. This acts in the same way as the fill button in JEI.


Pressing the recipe button for JEI (defaults to R) will open the recipe you are currently viewing in JEI's GUI.