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BiomeTweaker allows nearly every aspect of a biome to be changed. Inspired by MineTweaker, this is done by writing scripts that BiomeTweaker will interpret. Information on how to write these scripts and interact with BiomeTweaker can be found on the wiki. From simply setting the temperature to creating new and completely custom biomes, the long term goal of this mod is to allow pack creators to bring a whole new level of customization to their mod packs.

Since BiomeTweaker only modifies the world during generation, it can be installed on the server side only. However, if you wish to apply color overrides, it will need to be installed on the client side. Some features are disabled by default, and require BiomeTweakerCore to be enabled.

I do not guarantee the mod will work with modded biomes (although it should!), and I certainly do not guarantee it will be bug free.

Supported builds will be posted here. You can find experimental builds on my Jenkins server.

Here is brief list of a few things BiomeTweaker makes possible:

  • Changing basic properties of biomes (name, colors, temperature, blocks, etc.)
  • Creating new biomes from a blank slate or as a copy of an existing biome
  • Removing existing biomes from generation
  • Tweaking or completely removing existing decorations and features (grass, flowers, tress, caves, dungeons, etc.)
  • Adding new and completely custom decorations to biomes and worlds
  • Removing and adding mob spawns to biomes
  • Replacing virtually any block placed during generation on a per biome per world basis.
  • Applying potion effects to mobs and players in selected biomes

Check the wiki for the full list of available features. The possibilities are endless!