Poop Mod!

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New update available!


Post your suggestions about mod on Github issues page with [Suggestion] annotation.


Introducing to Poop Mod!



It's my first mod released! It's simple as it only adds up variety of poop items and blocks to your ordinary Minecraft world!




  • Poop Tools, Blocks and Armor


  • Some 3D Models (Placeable Items!!)


  • New Items


  • New Food


There are many recipes so I recommend to use NEI or JEI to better mod tracking.

Getting Started:               

  • Toilet paper:


  • Toilet:


  • Raw Poop Ingot:


  • Poop Ingot:


  • High-End Decorative Block - Poop Trophy: (Available in 1.1.0 & higher)



This mod should work well with anything that doesn't use the same crafting recipes. Feel free to use and distribute this as you wish, as long as it is credited.

Feel free to use this in modpacks!