Just Enough Dimensions

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Filename justenoughdimensions-1.12.2-1.6.0-dev.20181121.160048.jar
Uploaded by masady
Uploaded Nov 22, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
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MD5 5dc376571e1e7d0d9d52f00246fb9a1b
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


  • Add a new SpawnPointSearchType 'none' to skip the spawn point search for WorldInfo-overridden dimensions
  • Add a new JED option 'WorldBorderCenteredOnSpawn' to center the World Border to the dimension's spawn point
  • Add an option to control the fall damage (distance) in void/sky teleporting
  • Add an option to specify the minimum health left in the void/sky teleporting (doesn't account for fall damage reductions such as Feather Falling)
  • Add a 'relative_location' target type to the void/sky teleporting