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Just Enough Beacons Reforged [Forge | Fabric | NeoForge]

This mod adds 3 new JEI categories, "Beacon Base Blocks" that shows which blocks can be used as a beacon base, "Beacon Payments" which shows what items are accepted as a payment by the beacon, and "Conduit Frame Blocks" which shows what blocks can be used as a frame to activate the conduit.

CREDITS: This mod was originally created by tfarecnim, however he stopped updating the mod since 1.16.5 as you can see here. Therefore I decided to bring it to the newest versions of Minecraft.

This mod is also compatible with Cerbon's Better Beacons mod. When you hover over the items/blocks you are able to see how much each payment item increases in range and how much each base block increases in the primary effects amplifier.

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Please report all bugs, issues, and feature requests to the issue tracker or use my discord server and report at the appropriate channel. Please leave the comment section only for comments about the mod.