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Looking to spice up your Minecraft experience? Look no further than this exciting new mod! Have you ever wished for a Queen Bee to add to your Minecraft world? Well, this mod not only brings the Queen Bee to your game, but also new structures and items with unique abilities. Keep reading to find out what this mod has in store for you!

About Banner

Introducing the Queen Bee mod for Minecraft! With this mod, you can experience the thrill of battling a mini-boss that starts off friendly but will turn on you if provoked. But defeating the Queen Bee isn't just about the challenge - she drops her antennas, which can be used to become the queen of the bees. Ready to learn more? Check out the features below!

WARNING: You need to have geckolib installed in order to play this mod at version 2.0 and above.



Mod Compatibility 3.0 and above:

  • Compatibility with Bumblezone
    • You can enable or disable Antenna at bumblezone dimension
    • You can use the_bumblezone:bee_stinger to craft the Stinger Sword
  • Compatibility with JEI
    • Itens have a description available
    • Stinger to poison potion brewing recipe appears at JEI
  • Compatibility with Productive Bees
    • Antenna works for all productive bees
      • All bees drops the stinger


  • Queen Bee model and texture were inspired on SystemZee Idea
  • tamlighter - Improved the items textures (Version 1.4+)
  • NorkleTheFish - Created the items textures concept used at Version 1.3 and below
  • maxattackbutitsstaken - Gave me the mod idea.
  • HarryM_16 - Created the Queen Bee model and texture used in versions below 2.0

Features Banner

Queen Bee

The Queen Bee is a mini-boss with 100 HP that starts off friendly to the player. But if you attack her, other bees around her will become angry and attack you. During the fight, she'll inflict poison and nausea on you, and if you stay too close, she might spawn a poison nimbus. But if you defeat her, you'll be rewarded with her antennas.


The mod introduces three new items: the Stinger, Stinger Sword, and Antenna. Each item has its own special uses that can give you an advantage in your Minecraft adventures.


The Antenna is dropped by the Queen Bee and has a special ability - equipping it will cause bees to never aggro on you. But it gets even better - using it with the Stinger Sword will unlock a new ability. With a simple shift+right click, you can summon a friendly bee that will give you and nearby friends the regeneration effect.


Stingers are dropped by bees and can be used in a variety of ways. You can eat a stinger to inflict poison and nausea on yourself (Idk, why you would do that lol), or use it to create a poison potion. But the most exciting use for stingers is to create the Stinger Sword.

Stinger Sword

Crafted with stingers dropped by bees, the Stinger Sword is faster than other swords in the game and inflicts poison and nausea on your enemies. But its real power comes when it's paired with the Antenna. With shift+right click, you can summon a friendly bee that will give you and nearby friends the regeneration effect.

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