Queen Bee

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Queen Bee Mod

Haven't you ever felt that 1.15 update was missing something, like a Queen bee? if your answer is yes, so today is your luck day, because this mod adds what you ever wanted plus new items, a new structure and new features. If you enjoy my mod, you are more than invited to enter in my Discord server, there you can talk, get help, send me bugs, give me suggestions for new updates or give me new mod ideas.

Queen Bee Mob

The Queen Bee is the newest mini boss for minecraft, she is friendly unless you attack her, and if you do so, all other bees around will get angry and attack you. She has 100hp and when she dies, she will drop her antennas.

During fight:

  • When she attacks you, she will inflict poison 2 for 10 seconds and nausea for 15 seconds;
  • If you stay close to her, she has a chance to spawn a poison nimbus;
  • If there isn't bees helping in the battle, she will summon 3 more bees to help.



  • Dropped by Queen bee;
  • When equipped, no bee will attack you, independent what you make.
  • When using together with stinger sword you are able to shift+RMB to spawn a bee that will give you, and near friends, regeneration effect.


  • Dropped by bees;
  • You can eat the stinger, which will inflict poison and nausea;
  • You can use the stinger to make poison potion;
  • You can use the stinger to create the Stinger Sword.

Stinger Sword

  • Can be crafted using stingers dropped by the bees;
  • Is faster than the others swords in the game;
  • Inflict poison and nausea;
  • When Antenna is equipped you are able to shift+RMB to spawn a bee that will give you, and near friends, regeneration effect.


enter image description here - Spawns in plains and forests; - Can be summoned with the command:

> /beehive

  • This structure is just for version 1.18+


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