Jade Addons (Fabric)

This mod adds more mod supports for Jade 🔍 1.18+.

Currently supports:



 - Accurate contraption ray-casting and show actual block at the contraption

 - Contraption inventory

 - Blaze burner fuel information

 - Crafting blueprint result item

 - Placard item

 - No longer ignore curved track

 - IO-filter information

 - Hide super glue entity

 - Backtank air level

 - Integrate goggles tooltip in Jade (disabled by default)



 - Player-based inventory

 - Decay and refresh time


<s>Team Reborn Energy</s>(Now in Jade)


Modern Industrialization

 - Energy

 - Cable & pipe information


Modpack Policy

You are allowed to add this mod to your modpack, as long as the modpack is only published on CurseForge or Modrinth.


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